Saturday, November 19, 2005

Deployment Day+20

I just got done chatting with Chad! He was on HIS laptop and set up his webcam so we all got to see him (the boys were still awake in their beds so I brought them out so he could see them and they could see him!) After I sent them back to bed I started to hear some noise and low and  behold I could hear from his side of things, so although he couldn't hear us because he needs to get a headset, we could hear him! I knew our oldest was still awake soI got him and he got to hear Daddy say "I love you" and a few other things! Oh it was sooo wonderful to not only hear him and not only see him, but to have both going on at once!!! I LOVE technology! We talked for over an hour!!!! YES! How awesome is that, that's the beauty of having your own computer over there, longer online time!!! I am guessing that if someone else with their own computer needed the free line, he'd have to leave before that hour, but I am NOT complaining! He's going to call tomorrow which will be so nice, then our youngest can hear daddy too!!! Yahoo!

There's some things that happened that's with in the bn, that's not good, definate prayers are needed. As of right now I can't get into it, but it's just really not good. When he got off, someone came in and they were having to close up the computer room, so most likely mortar rounds were being fired into camp or something like that. From last deployment that wasn't anything unusual and tonight that's only a speculation. I heard the "code" they called, but Chad didn't have time to tell me what it meant, said he'd tell me tomorrow. I still won't share it on here, but I think I'm probably guessing right.

I have to say he looked so good! He looks like he's already losing some weight. I have been missing him of course, but seeing his face tonight, made me really miss him. I want to just hold him in my arms so much. It's amazing how fast these feelings can overtake you.

I just thought of something some of you may not know. When the soldiers are not out doing missions and other "on duty" things, they still have to wear their uniform, carry a weapon, and be ready, the only other clothing they can wear is their PT's. So if you think you get tired having to wear a uniform to work or having to dress up everyday for work, think of the soldiers..they only take so many uniforms with them, now they do either have the option of washing their own clothing or sending them off to have someone else wash them (they get them back normally in about 48 hrs), but it's their uniforms and pt's nothing else. As a woman that'd drive me insane! I know even when Chad's home I get so tired of seeing the Army uniforms. I am going to guess that most of you know that the Army's got a new uniform, a few still wear the old BDU's, but now most are in or are moving to the ACU's. Chad and other soldiers say they feel like Pajama's (so comfort is there!), there's no sewing on the uniforms, it's all velcro, which has it's positives and negatives and there are kinks they are working out with them, but over all they are better. They were designed by fellow soldiers and have a lot of perks for the soldiers just zippers instead of buttons and more zipper pockets things like that! No more green and black. It seems odd, because in my lifetime it's always been the BDU's or DCU (dessert). Eventually all the other's will be phased out. Anyways my point is for years I'd be sick of seeing Green. I wanted him to get changed as soon as he walked in the door, but often he'd take off his boots and delight us in that stench that came from those (I think the majority of soldiers feet really really stink from those things too), so we'd have a nice gag-fest for a few moments until he went and washed his feet off (whew!) and then he'd take off his jacket and walk around in that ugly brown tshirt and his bdu bottoms. That would drive me insane! I just wanted to see him in "normal" everyday clothes! Of course since moving here, he'd gotten a lot better about changing into everyday clothes and it was nice! Now the poor guy is stuck wearing the same clothes day in and day out. No casual clothes. I guess the good thing is that the new uniforms are very comfortable so that's a perk for them at least.

I am going to ask Chad tomorrow when he calls to write an update for here. I'm a fast typer he's not so fast. God love him, he still looks at the keyboard and pecks! He's going to work on that though, so hopefully by the end of the deployment he won't have to look at the keyboard while typing and can just look at the screen and type faster! We'll see! If he accomplishes this I may have to think of some reward! LOL

God Bless and thanks for the prayers, thoughts, etc.

EMAIL ME if you'd like to send Chad or his soldiers care packages, and I'll get you his address!




pixiedustnme said...

I am so happy for you!  It has to be so comforting just to lay eyes on him :-)

deshelestraci said...

I think the technology is wonderful!  So good for the kids, you and Chad!  Hang in there, girl.  I know it is rough on you both.
Love, Traci

mikalsgrl said...

What an awesome post! It made me smile to think how lucky you are in today's world of modern technology!

We are still sending Chad and his fellow comrades, plenty of prayers! and then some!

You and the boys are always in our thoughts:)

randlprysock said...

That is soooooooooo awesome you got to talk to Chad and the kids too!  Wow!  Amazing what technology has brought us these days.  I think my favorite invention of the past few hundred years or so has to be that we don't have to go to out houses anymore!  But this is a really wonderful thing to talk to friends and family like this.  Good planning on your part too.  It will help keep your family together through this.  Hugs,

hunybea4him said...

Ohhh sweet!  My hubby just got a new laptop too lol so I am looking forward to having an online love affair.. with my husband heeeheee.

Can you post a pic of the new uniforms for us?  That would be cool.

Much Love,

bekahbutterflies said...

I am so excited that you and the boys were able to see chad, and that chad was able to see you and the boys.  I am sure he needed that as much as you need it.  You all are in my prayers.  I totally relate to the wearing of the uniform even afterwork.  It drives me crazy.  lol.  then i think, well, less laundry for me to wash.  lol.  i won't have to worry about that uniform much longer though.  looks like he may be trading one uniform for another.   Love you guys oh so much.

lv2trnscrb said...

thanks for the update, Christy. That's interesting about their uniforms. We take so much for granted here, don't we?

praying for Chad's safety,


missycal8 said...

Christy so happy that the boys got to see there dad vi web cam..
Can you share with us what Chad and his fellows might be doing for Thanksgiving. I think about how lonely it will be for them away from there families as for you to be away from your husband at this time of year.
Will be praying for you all.

Michelle - Angel Katies mom

sangrialel said...

I am so glad that the boys and you got to "see" Chad!!!!  Lelly