Saturday, November 12, 2005

Deployment Day+14

Last night Chad was able to get online and chat! It felt like a huge gift that he got one TWICE in one day! I have to figure out what's up with my microphone and webcam and get that fixed so we can use them! We should have tested them out BEFORE Chad left, since when it comes to issue's like this, he can normally figure it out in about 5 seconds, I'm not so inclined that way! LOL I'm sure I can figure it out, honestly I'd just rather not!

He's doing good, and was in a great mood last night! I would read the messages to the boys and they'd respond back. It's not exactly the same, but hey it's better than what was available even 10 yrs ago!!

He said he plans on writing a longer update next time and thanks everyone for checking the journal, praying for him. He said thank you for praying for the boys and me also.

I have decided that I'm going to keep the computer on at all times now, just in case he pops on! I will just walk by it periodically during the day and shake the mouse so that the away sign doesn't go on immediately!

Well, that's about it from this side of things. Dinner is almost done.

Thanks for all the prayers and checking in once in a while! :)



fairylaura said...

Yes I leave the PC on ALL the time! Sometimes Adrian gets on at 3am. LOL.. he leaves me IM's. My computer is in my room.. and I have the speakers on loud.. so I hear him BUZZ me. Its' awesome to be awaken like that.


kiplingcrissy said...

I am so happy for you. I hope that you get your webcam and microphone fixed.  I am pretty clueless at those things also. You guys are still our prayers. Hope you  get hear from him soon, and can't wait to read his next update.

lv2trnscrb said...

Christy; wonderful that you connected with him today :) Oh, I bet that just brought you both such joy!!!

I think it is wise to leave the computer on - like you thought of doing - I was even going to suggest that (great minds thing alike :)

Is Chad limited on how long he can chat, time-wise?


jcgeorgiapeach said...

Wow!  I remember when my husband was gone for months at a time (he was Navy).  We had to rely on the occasional letter and the once in a couple of months phone call.  Things sure have come a long way!!  It's great to hear that Chad is doing well.  Even better that the boys get to "hear" their father talk to them from so far away!  ~Peachy

mikalsgrl said...


How awesome you were able to "chat" with Chad online. From what you are writing,you both are doing well at the start of this deployment. Keep up the hard work and steadfast determination! Your family continues to be in my prayers~


cmishvicki said...

Christy, God bless you, Chad and your boys. As the mother of a recently-returned soldier, I really do empathize with you and know how you feel about any gap in communications. Are you in touch with others families from Chad's unit? I know the Family Readiness Group from my son's Armory (Justin is NJ National Guard) helped a lot during their year of deployment. It helped to have contact with the families of the soldiers he was with. Please know that my prayers are with you all and, if you want to chat with someone who was in your shoes, drop an email or send an IM.
Hugs, Vicki