Thursday, January 14, 2010

Other Blog

If you're a follower here, please know I rarely update this blog when my husband is not deployed, and thankfully he's home right now and even when he is deployed this is still my secondary blog. I blog on a far more regular and frequent basis on this blog: so come on over and visit me there!

God Bless

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veteran's Day

Have you thanked a Veteran today? Well here in Germany the day has passed, but just in case you haven' least say a prayer for them as well as their families. I can say as a wife to a US Soldier, life's not always easy. It's hard having your husband deploy every other year, it's hard being a temporary single-parent, yet you're not. BUT it's worth it. It's worth the longing, to have him back in my arms after knowing he's done something so important. To know that when he's home we make the most of our time. It's not the life for everyone, although I think it's the life for more than serves (only 4% of all American's serve in the Military and I will just say it...that's absolutely SHAMEFUL).

So tonight I ask that you remember the sacrifices that our military is giving to you and your family and the other 96% of all American's. Remember their families. Say a prayer, thank them, and know that most do it because of their love of our Country.

God Bless

Monday, September 28, 2009

This Blog is going on hold

Wow I didn't realize it'd been so long since I wrote here. Things are going much better since last time. I'm thinking of putting this blog on hold now that Chad's home. My other blog is my main blog and for what ever reason I just have always felt it's more "home", so if you don't already read it, come on over...grab a cup of hot chocolate (not a coffee drinker here!), and get comfy!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm so ticked right now. We've been dealing with Army stress, which is fine, but when they start screwing around with our life and making us wonder what is going to happen to us, I don't do well. It looks like things are going to be ok, but we were put through a lot of needless stress, most of all CHAD was put through a lot of needless stress. BUT here's the thing, as much as I want to scream and throw a fit, I need to get over myself and praise GOD. I know he's allowed us to go through this stress for a reason. I know it'll be used to for his GLORY, and I MUST keep focused on that. Amazing what a few minutes can do for an attitude, because I was honestly so infuriated when I started writing this and now I feel so much peace.

I have to keep focused on GOD and remember he's allowing of this for a REASON!

Back to the grind

Life's going along. Block leave is over, we went to France (Normandy region) and had an amazing time, very humbling. Chad's back to work and the kids and I are getting back to our own schedule.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Almost, Almost, Almost

DONE! This is it, this is the last day of waiting, longing, missing....tomorrow can NOT get here fast enough. I'm about to crawl out of my skin. Would you pray that this day to pass quickly for the kids and I. It's 3 PM and it's just DRAGGGGGGGGGGING. If you're not an Army spouse, and have never been through a just can NOT imagine how long and agonizing this is. I'm going crazy. My stomach is in knots (excitement). I want this day to be OVER! LOL

I'm so ready to get the phone call tomorrow. I'm a key caller so I'll get a call and then I'll call other spouses and let them know what time to go to the gym for the Welcome Home Ceremony. Oh my I'm so ready. My kids are ready, we're all just ready to have Chad and sound and back in our arms!

I'll add pictures soon!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Final Countdown

We in the final days people! In only a few short days my soldier, my hero, my man after GOD's own heart will be back in my arms, surrounded by love, hugs, and so many kisses by all of us!
We got thrilling news last night that their return date has been moved up by 2 more days than what we were initially told! We're all so excited. Here in about 10 minutes I'll be getting off of here and will begin working on my bedroom!

I feel like I'm going to get sick from the excitement and anxiousness of it all. Not anxious in the bad way, just in that can't wait sort of way! The kids are very excited! We can hang banners at any point, we'll be going tomorrow most likely and hanging our banner up on the fence! I'll take a picture and share it!

Please be in prayer for continued safety for Chad as he finishes up the last of his work over the next few days, safe travels for him and all his fellow soldiers as they return in the next few days.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Almost There

In only a little over a month my husband will be home. We're past the 1 year mark since he left, so far I'm shockingly not as crabby as I thought I would be. The boys and I decided to finish up school. (We homeschool). They didn't get many breaks this year, so although we didn't start until September, we finished up. We're still reading a few times a week, but otherwise that's it. The boys are helping me with our flower garden and the two tomato and 1 watermellon plant, they get to help me weed (they're crazy and like it! LOL).

Right now the goal is to find one really fun thing to do each week. This week, I'm taking the kids and my neighbor is going (and maybe a couple other friends) and we're going to Playmobil Fun Park. We haven't been there for quite a while so it'll be fun. We're going Tuesday. It's supposed to be really nice and no rain!

Next week I think we'll go swimming, but I haven't decided where yet. If it's really warm, we'll go to the outdoor pool, but if not then we'll go to one of the indoor pools in the area.

Then the following week the kids and I are driving down to Camp Darby, Italy and we're going to the beach. We'll also drive over to Pisa (Leaning Tower of Pisa)'s only about 15 minutes away. I have not decided if we're going to Florence or not, and probably won't until we're there. This is for the kids and to just relax and play in the water, so I'm thinking we will not go to Florence. After we're home from there, that following week is VBS, and well that's enough activity that week! LOL
The following week I think I'll take the kids to an animal park.
Then after that we should be I believe the week before he comes home. We will probably go to an indoor play place.
The week he comes home we will be sticking around home, don't want to miss the phone call saying when they are coming!

We have the banner we ordered here! We will make our own as well for the kids to hold. I need to go buy some welcome home balloons now, and then the day of homecoming go and have them aired up! We'll also make some decorations to decorate our building and apartment! I need to get a sheet or shower curtain for us to create too!

Of course lots of cleaning and organizing. They don't "have" to be done, but I want it done. I want him to come home and relax!

I'm ready let me tell you! This is our 5th deployment, 3rd to Iraq and let me tell you, I've never felt like any other deployment has drug on like this one has felt like it has. You'd think with 3 kids in the house, homeschooling, sports, church, bible study for me, Awana for the kids (and me too), that time would have just flown by. Nope it did not.

But we're almost done and soon Chad will be home!

I am truly blessed and so thankful.

God Bless

Thursday, May 21, 2009

12 Months down

Well we've made it. We're at the 12 month mark. Because their deployment was shortened by aprox 6 weeks (from a 15 month deployment) we have now aprox 6 weeks left. I'm READY. I know Chad is. I would love to say "oh it'll fly by" but since this is our 5th deployment, I KNOW it won't. I know that it'll drag and will be the longest part of our deployment. We can see the light at the end though and I'm thankful.

We're almost done, almost done. I just keep repeating that to myself. I'm going to make a paper chain for the kids so we can count down until he's home. Keep praying if you will! Our battalion's had a rough couple of weeks. Sgt. Russell who killed the 5 soldiers, is in our company. Prayers please.

God Bless