Sunday, June 29, 2008

News from the left behind crew

We got to "see" Chad! On Saturday we were able to have a VTC (Video Teleconference)! I didn't tell the boys so they were suprised. We have webcams, but they seem to freeze up more often than naught, so it was nice to see him and talk to him.

He's extremely busy, always on the go to this mission or that, so our time is more limted on phone calls and IM's. He does have internet in his room and that's allowed us to be able to chat when he's there.

He's got some great things coming up, but I can't share it here until it's for sure, but it's good! :) To those who have sent Chad care packages, thank you. I don't have a list of names to personally thank and he's not had a chance to thank people himself, so when he does tell me who,  please accept my thanks. Someone sent him a book, so who ever you are....THANK YOU! Can you email me and let me know if you sent him a book. I can't remember the name of it right now (he'd told me, I just forgot and didn't write it fault there).

He's been spending his downtime reading his bible, which brings me so much joy! I know without a doubt his relationship with Christ is getting stronger and stronger. He seems to have a peace about him this deployment and I know without a doubt that, that peace is Our Lord!!! He is awesome and mighty!

Please continue to pray for God to place a hedge of protection around Chad throughout this deployment. That he'll continue to draw closer to him. That he feels and knows the love of his family is always with him.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

I finally got to chat briefly with Chad, before he dozed off. He's really tired, but staying very busy which is helping the time go by for him. The last we had talked was Father's Day so I was excited when I got home tonight and saw he'd been online. I buzzed him a few times and then jumped into the shower, when I got out he was on/awake. We chatted for a bit and then got off.

He recieved a care package from a Karen M. (not listing last names), I'm just drawing a blank on who this is, so if you're reading this comment or email me! I'm sure I'll feel horrible when it dawns on me who it is, unless it's from a group that gets assigned a soldier and he's this person's soldier! LOL

Right now I'd like to request prayers for my younger son. He's almost 5 and having a VERY hard time with Daddy being gone. He cries at the drop of a hat it feels like, the whining (something I can NOT tolerate even in small doses) has sky rocketed. My friend reassured me that I'm not crazy and that it has gotten worse since Chad left. He's obviously not doing well with Daddy being deployed. Right now I'm praying through what coarse of action I need to take. Please pray for me and for him as well.

Chad is over all doing well, he's hot and tired! LOL Shocking huh, he'd be hot and tired while deployed in Iraq! He did say that any time he goes out on a mission and has down time, he's taking his bible and reading it and has been able to read quite a bit. He made a goal to read from the beginning to the end over this deployment. I'm really thrilled that he's seeking the Lord, emmercing himself in his word. God has great things planned for this husband of mine and it's so wonderful to see them happening!

Well it's late here in Germany and the kids and I will be heading over to "Little Swiss" (an area in Germany, feel free to google it). We'll be going on a hike and them going on a big slide! It sounds like fun and it'll be great excercise! I know the boys will love it! I love being outside and it's an extra day of walking to help me in my goal of losing weight!

God Bless and Keep Praying for a Hedge of Protection to surround Chad!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Welcome home to some brave soldiers

As I tpye this right now, there are soldiers on this post being reunited with their families! After a VERY long deployment they're home! We have a Brigade from our post that's on a 15 month rotation and a small group of them got to come home tonight, their ADVON (advanced party). As far as I know, I don't know any of the soldiers or more so their spouses who are being reunited tonight but it's exciting! My best friend here, her husband is part of this brigade and soon it'll be her being reunited with her husband and her children will once again have their daddy back! Their youngest was only 3 months old when Daddy left and she'll be 18 months old when he returns! How sweet home comings are! So although we've just begun our deployment, for another unit theirs is finally wrapping up and coming to an end and that is a true blessing from our Lord, Jesus.

Please pray for these soldiers who are in the process of wrapping up their deployment, that they will remain focused to finish the task at hand. That they will continue to be aware of the dangers that continue to lurk, that they will have gentle reunions, that spouses will be able to relinquish some of their responsibilities and that the soldiers will gently relieve them (it can be hard for a spouse to let go of the home responsibilities, including children and at times the soldier sometimes wants to just come home and take over or the complete opposite where the spouse wants to give up all control and the soldier wants none). There's often a honeymoon phase and then you start to slip back into your normal routine again, including disagreements, etc.

Pray that the soldiers are aware of any issue's they're having (PTSD) and that if the spouse notices it she'll make sure her soldier gets the help he/she needs.


It's a good night here on our little post in Germany!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Care Package Idea's

Ok so a few of you have requested this list, now there can be things added if you want, the big no-no though is pork products. They are in a Muslim country and they're not allowed.


Mixed Nuts (his favorite nuts are pistacio's)
Fruit Cups
Assorted Gum
Tuna Packs
Vienna Sausages
Sun block
Chap stick (preferably with sunblock in it)
Freezer pops
Cheeze Its, Various crackers
Stationary (Stamps are NOT needed)
Magazines (Muscle,Fitness,Computer/PC, Gaming)
Small Photo Albums
Small hand held games
Christian CD's
Prayer books
Colored Pencils
Drawing Paper
Coloring Books (so he can color pictures for the kids)


We are entering week 3 of Chad being gone, and he's now in Iraq. We have not gotten to talk to him since they moved up there, but hope to soon! The kids and I are hanging in there, the simple facts are some days are really hard while other days are really easy. Today's a good day, yesterday evening was HARD.  It's just the way it is. We're all getting excited about going back to the states for our visit. We're visiting family and friends during our 6 weeks back there. It'll be the first time in 3 yrs since we've been back, so we're really looking forward to it...about 7 weeks or so until we leave.

There's not a lot to "report". I have laundry to do, a home to clean, dinner to make. My boys are over at a friends right now playing, the baby is napping, and I'm enjoying the peace and QUIET! (NO tv or even music right now, just the hum of the fan).


Keep Chad in your prayers. I know it's hot in Iraq right now and I'm planning on mailing him a fan this week that he'd had in his office. I will get a list of things for care packages out soon. Maybe later today or else tomorrow!

Oh, on a personal note, I'm going to start going to the gym 3 days a week. I'm going with a friend. We have hired two sisters to watch the kids, so the commitment has been made, no getting out of it and no excuses! I'm really excited! I'm hoping to have 20 lbs off before I head back to the states. On the days we're not at the gym we're going to be going for long walks, and we're also going to be having meals together which helps with the cooking responsibilities as well as keeps both of us accountable to what and how much we're eating! If Chad gets to come home for R&R over Christmas I'm hoping to have 50 lbs or close to that off, I'd look like a different woman if I have that much weight off! Hopefully by this time next year I'll have reached my goal or be very close to it!

God Bless

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Chad's doing well. He just got back from ranges and as usual shot great! He had the highest score in his platoon a 58 out of 60. They'll be heading north soon, so please if you aren't yet, start prayers for safe travel and for an over all safe deployment. I won't give specific dates for their  moving, but it's coming up quickly.

The kids and I are doing good. The boys had their baseball end of the season party last week. I will admit it's nice to be done finally and have a break for a while from sports. Our baby is growing like a weed and is inching closer and closer to turning one. Time goes by in a blink of an eye. It breaks my heart to know how much Chad is and will be missing out on with our children and what he's missed out on over the years. I know it hurts him and I honestly can't imagine what it must be like and never want to know.

Life keeps going, we're keeping busy but not too busy. :) Thank you for your prayers. If you want Chad's mailing address just email me at:


God Bless