Sunday, June 8, 2008


We are entering week 3 of Chad being gone, and he's now in Iraq. We have not gotten to talk to him since they moved up there, but hope to soon! The kids and I are hanging in there, the simple facts are some days are really hard while other days are really easy. Today's a good day, yesterday evening was HARD.  It's just the way it is. We're all getting excited about going back to the states for our visit. We're visiting family and friends during our 6 weeks back there. It'll be the first time in 3 yrs since we've been back, so we're really looking forward to it...about 7 weeks or so until we leave.

There's not a lot to "report". I have laundry to do, a home to clean, dinner to make. My boys are over at a friends right now playing, the baby is napping, and I'm enjoying the peace and QUIET! (NO tv or even music right now, just the hum of the fan).


Keep Chad in your prayers. I know it's hot in Iraq right now and I'm planning on mailing him a fan this week that he'd had in his office. I will get a list of things for care packages out soon. Maybe later today or else tomorrow!

Oh, on a personal note, I'm going to start going to the gym 3 days a week. I'm going with a friend. We have hired two sisters to watch the kids, so the commitment has been made, no getting out of it and no excuses! I'm really excited! I'm hoping to have 20 lbs off before I head back to the states. On the days we're not at the gym we're going to be going for long walks, and we're also going to be having meals together which helps with the cooking responsibilities as well as keeps both of us accountable to what and how much we're eating! If Chad gets to come home for R&R over Christmas I'm hoping to have 50 lbs or close to that off, I'd look like a different woman if I have that much weight off! Hopefully by this time next year I'll have reached my goal or be very close to it!

God Bless


mereel2005 said...

Keeping you, Chad and your family in your prayers. I got to speak to my husband yesterday and Praise G-d! the phone lines did not go down. Yes, it is very hot and a fan isn't a bad idea I always add a 6 pack of grape juice to my Care Package. My Mark says it is so refreshing to have a cold jice to drink when he comes back to base from the field.
Staying with you in prayer

lv2trnscrb said...

thanks for the update, Christy; that's exciting with your visit to the States; something to look forward to; good that you will be there for an extended period of time too!

I think its neat that you and your friend will be working out together and cooking together; so good to have that accountability; I think you will be very successful in your weight loss goals!

my hubby and me joined a gym yesterday; we're looking forward to our workouts


sangrialel said...

How exciting that you are coming home for a bit.  I bet youwill love it. Good luck going to the gym!  Linda