Saturday, June 17, 2006

Missing Soldiers

I want to say before I post this link, that Chad is ok. I talked to him on the phone this morning and the link about the missing soldiers, this happened last night. Chad's doing good. He just got back. He had to make a run up to another camp. This camp has 2 pools, one indoor and one outdoor. It has Pizza Hut, Subway, Baskin Robbins, and Popeyes, I believe there's also BK. This time around he said he treated himself to a footlong sub, and they only charge them $2.99! I already like Subway in general for their food (well in the states, over here in Germany not so impressed with some of the  meat) anyways....I am just really happy with this company because it's obvious they're not making a profit when they only charge 2.99 for a foot long sub! I know Chad, he loaded up with veggies too on his sandwich. So...go Subway! :) It'd be nice if they had a few more luxuries where he's at, but I don't see that happening. It's a crazy area he's in. His base camp is located in the most dangerous city in Iraq currently. They're not the only camp in this city. They're camp's gotten about 1500 new soldiers though. I don't think they have internet hooked up in his room yet, if so he's not online right now! He did get online this morning after we got cut off on the phone, but I wasn't signed on :(

He sounded good though. I could hear a smile in his voice and that always makes me happy. He talked to the boys. Our little one is really into saying "I love Daddy" "I love cookie monster" (hey it's cute!) but he talks "to" Daddy a lot when he see's his picture!

Ok, so here's the article. I ask that you pray for the soldier who's been missing since April 2005, PFC (Keith)  Matt Maupin, from Ohio. He's actually from a town not far from where Chad's family lives. Pray for the soldier who was murdered last night, when the other 2 soldiers were taken. Lets pray these soldiers are still alive, not being torchered and are able to either 1 escape or 2 be rescued (alive).

AOL News - Military Searching for Missing Soldiers

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Come Home Soon

For those who read my other journal, this is obviously a repeat. This is where my heart is tonight though. Chad I love you and miss you so much. I know we're on the last half of this deployment and it has went by quickly, and am hopeful it will continue that way. I love you and well honey...Come Home Soon.....



Come Home Soon lyrics:
SHeDAISY lyrics.
Album: Sweet Right Here.

I put away the groceries,
And I take my daily bread.
I dream of your arms around me,
As I tuck the kids in bed.
I don't know what you're doin',
And I don't know where you are,
But I look up at that great big sky,
And I hope you're wishin' on that same bright star.

    I wonder.
    I pray.
    And I sleep alone, an' I cry alone,
    An' it's so hard livin' here on my own.
    So please, come home soon.
    Come home soon.

I know that we're together,
Even though we're far apart.
And I'll wear our lucky penny,
'Round my neck pressed to my heart.

    An' I wonder.
    I pray.
    I sleep alone, I cry alone,
    An' it's so hard livin' here on my own.
    So please, come home soon.
    Come home soon.

      I still imagine your touch:
      It's beautiful missing something that much.
      But sometimes, love needs a fighting chance,
      So I'll wait my turn until it's our turn to dance.

    I wonder.
    I pray.
    I sleep alone, I cry alone.
    Without you this house is not a home,
    So please, come home soon.

    I walk alone.
    I try alone,
    An' I'll wait for you; don't want to die alone.
    So please, come home soon.
    Come home soon.
    Come home soon.


Written by Krystin Osborne and John Shanks.
(©  Dylan Jackson Music / WB Music Corp.)
From "Sweet Right Here", © 2004, Lyric Street.