Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I've went public with this journal again, because deployment is looming in for us. We still have a few months, but figured we'll start off with asking for prayers and just continue that way! Chad's leaving soon for field training for a few weeks, he'll be home in time for Thanksgiving so we're thankful for that...we know he most likely will not be home next year for Thanksgiving or Christmas so we will cherish these that much more. This will be our third OIF, 2nd while stationed here in Germany with this particular unit. His battalion has went through a great deal of transformation, it was really an ugly time of transformation, but it's done and over with thankfully. We've lost tons of our soldiers to PCS and ETS'ing and have a whole new batch in and many of them again have never been deployed...oh the joys of the Army life. It's always "exciting" you could say!

I'm hoping to get Chad to write on here a few times before he deploys. We do know where they're supposed to be deploying to, but no idea what the internet and phone situation will be like there. Hopefully it'll echo last deployment and we'll get to chat quite a bit and hopefully talk on the phone a good amount of time too.

The kids do not know and we will not be telling them until next year. We see no reason to ruin their Thanksgiving and Christmas. We'll just simply enjoy our time together as a family, and once he is deployed we'll pick up and keep going.

God Bless

Thursday, April 12, 2007


This journal is going private until Chad's next deployment. I'll reopen it to the public in I guess a few months as we're preparing for his next deployment.