Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm so ticked right now. We've been dealing with Army stress, which is fine, but when they start screwing around with our life and making us wonder what is going to happen to us, I don't do well. It looks like things are going to be ok, but we were put through a lot of needless stress, most of all CHAD was put through a lot of needless stress. BUT here's the thing, as much as I want to scream and throw a fit, I need to get over myself and praise GOD. I know he's allowed us to go through this stress for a reason. I know it'll be used to for his GLORY, and I MUST keep focused on that. Amazing what a few minutes can do for an attitude, because I was honestly so infuriated when I started writing this and now I feel so much peace.

I have to keep focused on GOD and remember he's allowing of this for a REASON!

Back to the grind

Life's going along. Block leave is over, we went to France (Normandy region) and had an amazing time, very humbling. Chad's back to work and the kids and I are getting back to our own schedule.