Sunday, April 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Chad!! (Late)

Ok, I'm a bad wife! I wrote on my other journal that it was Chad's birthday, yesterday and stupid me didn't come here where he actually reads and say.........


Happy Birthday Chad! I love you! You're my hero and you're wonderful and I'm so proud of you!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Chad's gone

I know I said I'd have Chad write an update while he was home, but it just didn't happen. He left this morning and should be back by now. I haven't heard from him, but hopefully tomorrow he'll call. Jacob's definately having the hardest time at this point. He's cried quite a bit throughout the day. I've reassured him it's ok to cry and miss Daddy. Jackson has asked for him many times throughout the day. It's heart wrenching, but this is part of the process. This is definately one of the worst parts of the military.

We will most definately get through this and we know that before we know it this deployment will be over and Chad will be back home with us. Please continue to pray for Chad as he goes through the 2nd half of his deployment, adjusts to being back in Iraq, and back to the grind of work and dealing with a roommate that doesn't understand the importance of bathing daily, when he has issue's with extremely bad foot odor among other things! (LOL funny, but not). One thing that's worked out well for Chas is that I sent him a tart burner and quite a few tarts so he burns those when ever he's in his room to help with the smell.

I have a box to send him tomorrow! :)

thank you for all your support and love throughout this deployment, it truly means so much to both Chad and I.


God Bless

Sunday, April 9, 2006

Chad's home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to let you know Chad got home on Tuesday for R&R!! Life's good! We're really enjoying his time home! We've been able to mix downtime and some work nicely! We got the playroom all in order and it looks GREAT!

I'm going to "make" Chad write an update while he's home for all of you!

I'll try to add some pictures on here soon!


God Bless