Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veteran's Day

Have you thanked a Veteran today? Well here in Germany the day has passed, but just in case you haven' least say a prayer for them as well as their families. I can say as a wife to a US Soldier, life's not always easy. It's hard having your husband deploy every other year, it's hard being a temporary single-parent, yet you're not. BUT it's worth it. It's worth the longing, to have him back in my arms after knowing he's done something so important. To know that when he's home we make the most of our time. It's not the life for everyone, although I think it's the life for more than serves (only 4% of all American's serve in the Military and I will just say it...that's absolutely SHAMEFUL).

So tonight I ask that you remember the sacrifices that our military is giving to you and your family and the other 96% of all American's. Remember their families. Say a prayer, thank them, and know that most do it because of their love of our Country.

God Bless