Sunday, July 30, 2006


I've tried so hard this deployment to be postive and most of this deployment has really been easy considering my husband's in a terrorist nation. Anyways...there are times when I just feel lonely. Not in that way that Chad has anything to worry about. I get to talk/chat with Chad almost every evening...but you know chatting isn't always the same. I normally talk to my 2 closest girlfriends on the phone during the week, but on the weekends their husbands are home and I know that time's precious and they want to spend it with them and I don't want to intrude. I have found though that come the night time on the weekends I'm simply lonely. I have wonderful friends here, but their not like my closest friends in the states and definately not like Chad.

One thing I want to do when Chad's home is twice a month us go and do something fun. Little day or weekend trips. I have so many plans for when Chad comes home. We're down to 3 months aka double digits! That's really exciting! I can't believe how close we're getting to the end of this deployment. In a lot of ways it's flown by! Having Chad get to come home half way through definately helped us too.

I know I'll get through the loneliness and tomorrow is Monday and I'll get to talk to my girls then!

Friday, July 14, 2006

The 4th soldier who was injured in last Saturday's attack which initially 3 soldiers from our bn, he died last night surrounded by family. We don't have any details other than later today we should know when the memorial service is.

My stomach is physically hurting right now. I can guess Chad knows but I'm not sure. He went to bed last night about the time he would have died, so unless they woke the soldiers up they wouldn't have found out until this morning. Please please be in prayer for the soldiers over there. We have a little more than 3 months left and honestly this may be the most stressful time for close to coming home, but yet realities of this war are right in front of their face, not like it never is...but when you lose soldiers I think it's there even more so.

Please be in prayer also for the wives who are struggling. It's hard there's no doubt, but there are wives who take this even harder than others. Thank you every single one for your love, compassion, and support throughout this deployment.

God bless

Monday, July 10, 2006

Death and aggrevation

We had 3 deaths over the weekend in our Battalion (not our company though) and one seriously injured and definately very touch and go. I was not informed. No phone call, no email, nothing. I heard it today when I called a friend of mine who's in a completely different unit.

I'm furious. I emailed our Rear D as well as our company commander who's in Iraq to let him know about this and a few other things that I'm just not happy about because our FRG leader has not been giving out information. This is NOT the way death notifications are supposed to be handled. The FRG leader is to continue to call spouses until she's personally spoken with every spouse. I've been asked if I'll take over the FRG, and I'm going to do it. I was just called by our over all adviser for FRG's in our company and she asked me if I officially accept and I told her yes. She said that I'll be the one doing all the work, because our current does not do anything, and then my friend who is the former co-FRG leader is going to help me out in the background.

I really didn't want to do this, I feel like I'm active enough in other places in my life, but know this is what I NEED to do at least for now. We have very little money in our FRG funds, so one of the first orders of business is fund raising. No one likes to do it, but if we want to be able to do anything for our single soldiers or all our soldiers when they return we need to get busy and get busy now.


PLEASE pray for these soldiers families. Two of the soldiers were married and one soldier was single. I am not sure about the injured soldier. One of the soldiers who was killed his wife is here. I pray we're able to give her as much support as possible. This IS my greatest fear with this war as it is with every military spouse who's Soldier is deployed.

Ok, I'm done with my vent...these are the issue's some of us "left behind" get to deal with.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Happy 4th


Happy 4th of July


I hope you all remember that today is our Nation's birthday and that without all our soldiers from past to present, this day would be meaningless.

God Bless of the free....because OF THE BRAVE !!