Monday, October 31, 2005

Day+1: He's gone

Sorry that Chad wasn't able to give an update, but that's what happens at the last minute and everything you think you'll have time for, you just don't. Chad's now gone. I have had my moments of tears. It was really hard leaving him. Our oldest son, had a really hard time. He still remembers Daddy being gone last yr and he has a good concept that Daddy will be gone for a long time.

There's this feeling of such loss when you have to walk away from the bus. Your heart is just torn in half...half of it being left on that bus taking your husband away for the next year. Seeing your children crying and knowing that the person who could make them stop is leaving for the next year.

To be honest I'm really struggling to find the right words to even describe all the feelings inside of me. It's almost impossible, well it's completely impossible at this exact moment actually.

Chad said he'll hopefully have a chance to write an email in the next week for me to post on here.

I'll try to update later, and have it a better update at that.



Saturday, October 29, 2005


Just wanted to say welcome. Chad's still home for a couple more days and then he'll be leaving us. It may be a little while until he is able write up an email for the journal. We're both excited to do this and give people a glimpse of what a deployment in Iraq is REALLY like from the soldier's perspective as well as the wife and kids perspective of being "left behind".

I'll ask Chad to write up something before he leaves of his feelings before hand....

Feel free to share this link with others. :)


God Bless