Saturday, June 21, 2008

I finally got to chat briefly with Chad, before he dozed off. He's really tired, but staying very busy which is helping the time go by for him. The last we had talked was Father's Day so I was excited when I got home tonight and saw he'd been online. I buzzed him a few times and then jumped into the shower, when I got out he was on/awake. We chatted for a bit and then got off.

He recieved a care package from a Karen M. (not listing last names), I'm just drawing a blank on who this is, so if you're reading this comment or email me! I'm sure I'll feel horrible when it dawns on me who it is, unless it's from a group that gets assigned a soldier and he's this person's soldier! LOL

Right now I'd like to request prayers for my younger son. He's almost 5 and having a VERY hard time with Daddy being gone. He cries at the drop of a hat it feels like, the whining (something I can NOT tolerate even in small doses) has sky rocketed. My friend reassured me that I'm not crazy and that it has gotten worse since Chad left. He's obviously not doing well with Daddy being deployed. Right now I'm praying through what coarse of action I need to take. Please pray for me and for him as well.

Chad is over all doing well, he's hot and tired! LOL Shocking huh, he'd be hot and tired while deployed in Iraq! He did say that any time he goes out on a mission and has down time, he's taking his bible and reading it and has been able to read quite a bit. He made a goal to read from the beginning to the end over this deployment. I'm really thrilled that he's seeking the Lord, emmercing himself in his word. God has great things planned for this husband of mine and it's so wonderful to see them happening!

Well it's late here in Germany and the kids and I will be heading over to "Little Swiss" (an area in Germany, feel free to google it). We'll be going on a hike and them going on a big slide! It sounds like fun and it'll be great excercise! I know the boys will love it! I love being outside and it's an extra day of walking to help me in my goal of losing weight!

God Bless and Keep Praying for a Hedge of Protection to surround Chad!


mereel2005 said...

It is hard for a little guy to fully understand why Daddy isn't there. My husband says he has seem guys cry after talking to their children. As always, I will keep your family in my prayers.
I would also love to send your husband a care package. I will mail one to my husband next week. If you could just let me know where to send it.

chat2missie said...

I always feel bad for the children who have mom or dad over in Iraq.  I hope your son can adjust quickly.  I can't imagine how scared he feels.

lv2trnscrb said...

will continue to pray for you all, Christy, especially your younger son; glad you got to talk with Chad; so glad he made it a goal to get through the Bible with this deployment! I bet he will because I read through it in just a little over a year reading about 20-30 minutes a day; sometimes less than that too! good for him!

take care of yourself; your adventure sounds fun; it will be good exercise!


jckfrstross said...

maybe you could have  him make a card to send Chad. do one every day that way he can feel conectted. praying for all


sangrialel said...

I will continue to pray for all of you.  Linda

chevyz71gurl74 said...

So glad you were able to talk to Chad....
Keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers...and saying
a few extra prayers for your youngest son....I do hope things
start getting a little must be so hard!