Monday, November 14, 2005

Deployment Day+15:News from the front

Chad called late last night and they're in country now. He was exhausted, he'd been up since 4 am and it was 1 am Iraq time. To say he was exhuasted is of course putting it mildly! Since arriving he'd been working hard to get everything and everyone where they/it needed to be. He is hoping that he'll have a phone in his office (they told him he would, but it's the military anything can change!) if so he said that he could call me pretty often if that's the case, yeah and may have more online time too! Whew hoo!

He figured the next few days would be pretty hectic as he gets everything in order, etc. I told him I had felt the urge to pray for him and had asked everyone to do so, he said he needed those prayers, that he felt it was God alone that was holding him up at that point.

It's hard for me to hear that exhaustion in his voice, I don't know how he or any of the soldiers do it. Go on such little sleep. The job that he has this deployment is much different than last time, so he "should" get more rest, I guess really only time will tell on that one, but it looks positive on that side of things.

He said that when he has a moment to breath, he plans on writing something again for here. I think this is going to be a good release for him, as it is for me. I hope so anyways! :) He's a good man, a good soldier, a great dad and husband, and so faithful to our Lord. I sometimes sit back in awe of the man God brought into my life to be my companion, friend, and lover. God is so good.

We have a meeting tonight in about 40 minutes and hopefully we'll get the go ahead to start sending mail. If that's the case for those who've been in contact with me, we'll be able to start sending cards and packages out! Yahoo! I have some cards already and a trip to the commissary and PX would get a box ready to go, along with a couple extra things from home to send him! :) (ME! LOL)

God Bless


mikalsgrl said...

(((Chad))))you are in my families thoughts and prayers~

Continued prayers being sent to Chad and his fellow soldiers. It must be a true blessing to hear his voice. My aunt is in awe of how during deployments family members sometimes are able to chat on the phone, or on the computer and how letters get there fairly quick. Her brother, my dad was in the Army during WW2. It's a great thing having all the forms of modern technology.

Prayers to you also Christy and boys~

kiplingcrissy said...

I am so happy that Chad is doing well. He sounds like a terrific man. I hope you continue to keep in contact with him on a regular basis. This has to be so hard for you and those kids. I will keep praying for you.

lv2trnscrb said...

Poor Chad; how exhausting for him and the other soldiers. I do hope you get to start sending mail to him.

thanks for the update, Christy; you are in my prayers.


hunybea4him said...

while my husband has been gone I keep reminding myself.. this too shall pass. : )

Pass on our love to Chad and (((((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))) to you.

Much Love,

randlprysock said...

What a lovely journal idea for you and Chad.  My prayers are with you and your family!  God will be with Chad.  I hope he gets to get some sleep soon though.