Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Deployment Day +10: Missed Call

I missed Chad's call. I was at my friend's house for dinner and he called at 5:50 pm (I got there about 5) so we would have been sitting at the table about that time digging into a turkey roast, (which was sooo good btw!), mashed pot., corn on the cob (Jackson ate all of this, ok so it was the ONLY thing the kid ate from the dinner), and beer bread (from a company called Simply it!) and I made some banana bread that was just the perfect ending to the meal (Jack ate that too...Jacob ate everything from dinner, but was busy playing to have the banana bread).

I'm not sure how Chad is, I hope good. The boys and I are doing good. We did some errands today and the day really just flew bye, after we got home I made lunch and there was nap time, and then it was time to go, we got home, gave them a bath, read to them, and time to get into bed! Pretty uneventful lives here! LOL

One thing I "try" hard to do is not watch the news much. I TRY, but well seriously it's like it just calls out to me. When Chad was deployed the first time, I went to sleep nearly every night to CNN Headline News. I'm seriously not a huge fan of CNN, my favorite part is James Earl Jone's voice saying "This is CNN", rofl! I know I'm easily amused, those who love me already know this! LOL But that was the channel I just seemed to turn to when going to sleep, I guess because they repeat everything over and over so if I missed something it'd be on later! Here in Germany we're at the mercy of AFN and we get a little of all the cable news outlets and also get CBS,NBC, and ABC. We get the Today Show live which is nice! I prefer them for morning news, although it's on in the afternoon here! Either way, I don't follow my own advice and I go against probably every military wife's suggestion "Don't watch the NEWS all the time". Well this deployment I have gotten A LOT better, I don't watch it all the time, of course it's not offered all the time either and it's not a huge focus or maybe that should be obsession! I do catch it though, and so far no knots in the stomach. I credit GOD for that. I will give myself a pinch of credit for finally giving this to GOD and realizing that he's the one in control. I'm NOT, Chad's not. I have no control over what's going to happen in Iraq, and I definately have no control over what's happening to/with Chad. I just pray and let God take care of him. I know he is and will continue to do just that.

Today the boys and I went tothe commissary and they wanted apples (yes they cry for fruit vs junk, how cool is that! they DO like the junk stuff too, we're not perfect! lol) Anyways, Jacob was saying how many apples to get and he said "we'll get this apple for Daddy so he can eat it when he comes home". It broke my heart to have to explain to him, that it wouldn't be any good by the time Daddy gets home, but that he'll love that he was thinking of him. Although Jacob gets that Daddy's gone for a long time, a couple days is a long time for a 4 yr old, so a year is just far too much for him to comprehend.

I need to get a big calender again so I can write down everytime Chad calls and we can also mark off everyday that Daddy's been gone. I did this last yr and it helped us, so we could see how much we've gotten through and what we have left. I also have a world map that I plan on hanging up in either their bedroom or their playroom and I'm going to put a tack on Germany and one on Iraq so that Jacob can see where Daddy is.

Well, enough ramblings from me tonight.


BTW you might notice that I'm going to be keeping track of the days Chad's been gone in the subject line from here on out. I'm going to go back and fix the previous entries too!


mikalsgrl said...

Sounds like you and the boys had a wonderful dinner with your friends:) I am right there with you Christy on catching the news:) Just don't try to overload yourself with it~ Hang in there!! Your family are continually in our thoughts and prayers~

Todd and Cindy

pixiedustnme said...

gosh, tracking the days - that's a great idea!  (wonder who thought of it?  ROFLMAO!!) man, aren't you glad i'm easily amused?  love you!

fairylaura said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm you made me HUNGRY!!! LOL!! Sounds so good. I hope he's doing good too. Sorry you missed his call. I hope you hear from him soon.


lv2trnscrb said...

I think its neat your kidlets ask for healthy foods at the store. I also thought it was so neat that Jacob did mention to get an apple for Daddy. That means he's thinking about him and remembering that daddy is going to come home; no matter if it a few days from now or a year from now - but at least he realizes daddy will return. And they have no concept of how long actually a year is like you said.

Wow, ten days already. It seems like it went by fast (for me that is)


butterflies4me04 said...

That is definetly cool that the kids ask for fruit instead of junk :)
Those are great ideas (calendar & map)!


sangrialel said...

Love reading this journal!  I only have a few more days with my niece till she is deployed.  So hard.  Lelly