Sunday, November 6, 2005

Day+6: Chad called

Chad called tonight. I actually missed 3 of his calls. He called the house twice and the cell phone once. I was at Awana, and had mistakenly left my purse in the nursery, so when he called the cell I of course missed it. When we got home about 10 minutes afterwards I was thrilled that he called again!!! He's doing good, just been really really busy. He's been going and going for the last few days, as the prepare to head off to the BIG sandbox.

Please understand that I am vague to exactly where he's at for his safety. He sounded great when he called and was really happy that the boys and I went on the retreat this weekend and had a good time. Of course at the end of our phone conversation our youngest son started getting sick, although he still had to say "hi daddy!" He talked to our oldest son too, who any other time has NO problems speaking up, but put the kid on the phone and he talks a level above whispering, it drives me CRAZY and the people he's talking to of course can barely hear him. I'm about to the point that if he can't speak up, he will not be allowed to talk on the phone until he can do it right. Works in progress!

Chad did get a moment to be online, but said he just had time to read a couple emails and then had to get off, he said he's hoping in the next couple days he will have time to actually write something, but this is a reality of the Army and deployments, they don't always have time to get online or even call. It stinks, but that's how it is. The last deployment this drove me insane, but so far this time I am more relaxed. I know that Chad would be emailing and calling more IF he could, but he has a job to do and he does it well. He said that he's being him, getting everything done as quickly and as well as he can, so he can just get it done (and have it done) but the problem is that he gets one job done and they come up with another one for him to do! That is how the world works isn't it! So he's really working hard and just so busy.

He knows everyone's anxious for him to write something, but he and I ask for patience and to just deal with me for now! :)

I am happy to say that a friend of mine has invited the boys and I over for dinner on Tuesday! She's making a lemon roast or a lemon roasted chicken, I can't for the life of me remember what it is...but I don't care...I am sure it'll be good and I don't have to cook it!! The boys love her kids, she has a little girl who's 2 weeks older than my oldest and a little boy who's about 6 or more months younger than my youngest. The like playing together and they're such good kids! This mom is one that I'm extremely close to and just really have felt a bond with since I met her! She's someone that will keep me in check and call me out , we all need that kind of true to the bone friend!

God Bless and we'll update soon!


mikalsgrl said...


Great update! I am glad that Chad was able to call you.....a little sad that you missed the calls....but I am sure hearing his voice was a gift in itself. So glad you are keeping busy!! Have fun at your friends house for dinner!!! The boys are yourself deserve it!!

butterflies4me04 said...

YEAH! I'm glad that he got to clal you and you got updated on how he is doing!


hunybea4him said...

we can be patient.. " )

My 4yrd does that on the phone too!!!! Drives my husband nuts aswell.  He said why is it when he talks to her in person she is clear as a bell but over the phone she either just mumbles or doesn't say anything at all? LOL

Much Love,

firestormkids04 said...

You are doing a great job of updating us, hon.  We have put you and your family in our prayers and love to hear from you.  Glad that Chad is doing well and that you got to "retreat" this weekend.  Those are the most special times.  Thank you for your kind words of congratulations.  Blessings, Penny

lv2trnscrb said...

so glad to hear you heard from Chad! Tell him not to worry about writing something; he has a job to do and that comes first - his priorities are his job, you, your family and then writing something; Christy, you updating us is great! So than you!


fairylaura said...

Awwww glad you got to talk with him. It's totally understandable that you're not posting his location. I'd never do that either. (((HUGS)))) take care!!


deshelestraci said...

I am glad you got to talk to Chad.  I would hate the missing the call part.  That is awesome that you have someone to have you over for dinner.  And that she is a true friend is great too.  We all need more of those.

gaboatman said...

I'm glad Chad got through to you.  It's great knowing that he is okay, I'm sure.  The dinner with your friend sounds good.  Friends like this will help get you through the deployment with some semblance of your sanity still in tact.