Sunday, November 27, 2005

Deployment Day +28: Something to remember

Scanning the aol welcome page I saw something that most the time I honestly try to not read too much about, "Saddam's Trial" yet the reality is this is happening in Chad's backyard so to speak.

AOL News - Eight Arrested for Plotting to Kill Judge in Saddam Case


I don't watch the news much, because I know that they LOVE to show any bad that's happening in Iraq and pretty well seem to refuse to show all the GOOD that's actually happening, and all that does is tick me off and make me want to yell at the tv. I have better things to do. I hear first hand knowledge that's not being "edited" to make me feel one way or another...just giving me the truth. Yet the above still caught my eye, because although I do make a habit of watching the news, I'm not blind or death to it and do feel that it's my job to be at least somewhat informed "news-wise". It's truly disturbing that there are people out there still loyal to this psychopath. He's a monster and yet people for some reason or another are willing to take other people out for him.

I think we all need to remember that not only is this trial happening and that it does effect the Iraqi people in so MANY ways, but that much to Saddam's displeasure more elections are coming up. With those two thoughts, please be in prayer. Prayer that the terror that did strike during the last elections will at the min. be less or none would be better of course. Keep the Iraqi people who will be voting in your prayers, what they are doing is truly history in the making still and when I think of these people getting to go to the poles and vote, I feel this excitement inside of me for them. They are working towards a government that will truly, hopefully represent THEM. It may not be a government that we as American's would particularly want, but it's what they want and how can we not support that?! They already have freedoms that just 1 yr ago they did not! To think that nearly 4 yrs ago this war began and all the progress that's happened. There's tons of dwelling on what hasn't happened, etc...but so few look at what HAS happened! Before so many lived without electricity or running water and everyday the number of people without gets less and less. People do not have to live in constant fear that one of Saddam's followers is going to break into their house, kidnap their sons and/or husbands kill them and rape the wives and daughters. Schools are being built as quickly as possible, those children are reaping in benefits of LEARNING! There are so many more, it's just truly amazing to me that so many want to turn a "deaf ear" to the good. I don't understand why our country especially it seems THRIVES on the negative as a whole. It's like some just thirst to hear the bad, and get sick when they hear the good.

I just want to remind all of you that right now and in the next month prayers for the Iraqi's and our soldiers are most definately needed. Safety and God's protection is what I pray for. I can only truly speak for me when I say I apperciate the many of you who leave comments, who write me emails, who sit at home and pray for my husband, and who are in the process of sending  or planning on sending a care package. Thank you so much. To know so many keep my husband in their prayers and thoughts throughout the day is very humbling to me.

God Bless


mikalsgrl said...


I completely agree with you...prayers are definitely needed. I also think many people have seemed to have forgotten that we are still on a mission and when the mission is complete.......and not a minute before....our troops will come home. I am truly blessed to know that soooo many serve and dedicate themselves to our country and to the world. Prayers being sent from your friends in Maryland:)

God bless you Christy, Chad and sons:)
**on a side note, I am glad you got some snow and hope you had LOTS of fun!!

lv2trnscrb said...

good reminder, Christy, to pray for the people of Iraq and the elections coming up. Its been about a month since Chad left; I'm sure to you it seems like forever...One down and eleven to go?


donnathomas42 said...

Hi Christy,

First I'd like to thank you for visitng my blog today. All I can do is pray that Stephanie will change her heart towards us and let us see our grand babies.

On another note You have a wonderful Journal. I feel exactly the same way you do about voting, freedom, what we are doing and what it's all about. I also agree that many, many people would rather see horrible images and read terrible things and then not even be moved by something good!

But God said in the latter days that fathers would turn from their sons and Mothers from their daughters. God also said evil will look good and good will look evil.

This seems to be the beginning of that.

As far a saddam is concerned He is a Monster! Just like Hitler was! How my eyes have opened of what the Jewish people went through. I am reading a series of 8 books from Bodie & Brock Thoene called the "Zion Covenant." I am on book 3 and my heart hurts at what happened.

This reminds me what Saddam is doing and how people worship and follow him!

You have also opened up my eyes to what is really going on over there and the good that is happening! I have put you on my alerts so that I can continue to visit your journal. I will cerently keep your husband and the many others that are over there in my prayers.

Hugs, Donna

grahamfarmga said...

Hi Christy,
I truly feel blessed that you chose to share Chad's address with us to send him a care package. Mine are boxed and ready to go to the post offices. I have to agree that it is sad our media only tells the bad side of the things going on in Iraq.

sangrialel said...

My prayers are with them all, every moment, everyday. Linda

louie0768 said...

Christy, while reading your post I could feel your frustration and the inability to understand what is wrong with people in this country. Some days it just saddens me that so many refuse to look at what this war is doing for another country. Freedoms that we in America take so much for granted and some who even elect to use them in twisted ways. It angers me so much. When people out there in the blogosphere attack our soldiers it really sets me off and I go after them. Cowardly people who act worse than my kids.

I try too, to avoid the negative in the media but there are those days that I just have had enough of the negative and have to put up that post that makes me feel a little better and like I am defending what I believe in...our military, our government, and our freedoms...AMERICA!!!!!! Those are the things that makes this country so good.

You and your family/husband are in my prayers and in my thoughts! I would have it no other way. Although you don't know me, thank him and his comrades from our family. And thank you as well Christy for posting what you can and being so strong. I have to visit more, I have a lot of reading to catch up in your journal!