Thursday, November 17, 2005

Deployment Day +18

Can you believe Chad's been gone half the month already. The time is going by quick so far. I've been keeping as busy as possible without making it feel like we're constantly going.

I got to chat with Chad yesterday. It's always so nice to know he's there on the other end of the computer talking to me. Technology is truly an amazing thing isn't it! To think that even at the last war in Iraq, much of the computer technology was still in its infancy and now look at us, we can have real-time conversations and can see each other, hear each other all on this wonderful computer screen!

Anyways, he's doing good, but exceptionally busy so he doesn't get a lot of time to be online or call, hopefully in the next week things will start to get a little more "regular" as far as schedules, etc and he'll have a little more time.


This week I've had a few more down days, actually they seem to hit me at night. I really miss just having that companionship, the other things I miss too, but just hearing his voice come into the door asking how my day's been. Those simple things.

I am going to try to do something new on here from here on out. There will most likely be times it's really easy for me to see some of the negatives that involves in a deployment, so I'm going to make sure I write 1 thing I'm thankful/greatful for, for that DAY. When Chad has a chance to read it, maybe it'll help him too, to see that I'm finding good in each day.

So what am I thankful for today.....that I have a beautifully sparkling kitchen. The sink is shining! That our living and dining room are EXCEPTIONALLY clean and at this point we could eat off the floor so clean! I had motivation to clean it this good (I watched my friends girls today and my neighbors baby too) so I wanted the house to look good and it does! I'm really proud of how it looks and proud that I worked so hard to get it looking this good and have every intention to keeping it this good. I know that if I stay on top of it, it's not hard, it's when I get lazy and let it slide. So I also have a goal to not let it slide. I plan on going through every room and making them look this good! Oh and the bathroom looks really good too! I cleaned the whole thing a few nights ago actually! So Chad if you're reading this, the bathroom looks AWESOME! The counters in the kitchen are all nice and clear and so is the window sill! The living room and dining room look AWESOME, you'd LOVE IT! :)

I am really hoping Chad can call in the next day or two. I miss hearing his voice and I know the boys do too. We take for granted how much we look forward to that time on the clock to come when they are home. I know, I take it for granted anyways. I take for granted how much he helps me from the housework to the kids. He's always went to the commissary or PX when I wasn't in the mood and I never had to twist his arm to do them, just normally asked one time and he'd do it. I know, he's an awesome man isn't he! I have found that so many men are not like him, and how blessed I am that God brought him into my life.

I really want to thank all of you for praying for Chad. I've seen God do so many extroidanary things and for the first time I'm finally just letting GOD control this. The peace I have is something I wish for everyone, truly. To finally accept that there's not a single thing other than praying that I can do. Chad's life is in God's hands and it always has been (as is ours). It's just coming to realize that and to quit fighting GOD trying to take that control from him, how foolish and arrogant we/I are.

I have so much to be thankful for this year. I have been blessed with a wonderful husband, beautiful children, I know that even though our little girl isn't gracing this earth I KNOW where she is, safe in Jesus's arms! I have wonderful friends here and in the states, and Brazil! I feel the most blessed though, because I have the peace of salvation that Jesus is my savior and one day, one fine and beautiful day I'll be in Heaven with those I love and care about. From my precious girl to family and friends who left for some far too early.

I hope that those who are not in the military, you remember the families who do not have their loved one with them (and I'm not talking about because they're deployed) but because they gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. They didn't go over there to die, they went there to serve their country. They went there to do their duty, and I believe at least most of them expected to come home to their families, but they didn't. It doesn't make any sense to me why. It breaks my heart into a million little pieces. We've lost amazing people in this war, some we've been so blessed to know, many we haven't. For each of their families I am praying for you. The holidays are NOT easy, I do know this, to lose your husband is something I honestly don't want to know. I don't. I want this man I love to come home. For so many though, whether it be their first, Second, THIRD, or how many Thanksgivings and Christmas's without that love, I pray for peace, gentleness of the days, and remeberance of the happy days and laughter.

To end, for those who are wanting to send Chad or via Chad care package (or for other soldiers who don't get much if anything) I'd been told at our meeting on Monday to start mailing on Tuesday, but Chad said to wait until the 20th...OH! Time to go, he's online! Time to devote my time to him!

God bless


creativecolors19 said...

I amso glad that you guys are able to talk so often!  It must bring you both such peace!  I look forward to start sending care packages, I know they will warm the heart of lonely soilders!  Yeah on the clean house, doesn't it fell sooo good!!  ; )

mikalsgrl said...


Your family is truly blessed to have you for their Mommy and Wife.....your spirit shines through in your posts and I love logging on and hoping to read another great post from you:) and from Chad, when he is able to.

Since you have such a clean about coming to Maryland and doing mine?

Continued prayers being sent from my family to yours~

Todd and Cindy

cojlisa16 said...

Hey Christy,  you can come here and clean my house too!!!
If you emailed the addresses to send packages to, I missed it.   My sister in law also wants to send a package, so if you can email the address again, I'd sure appreciate it.  Say hi to Chad for all of us!  :::::::::::waving at Chad::::::::::::

stphnf3 said...

God bless Chad and God bless you.  I think it is absolutely wonderful that you get to chat online with him.  That is cool.  I hope the days go swiftly for you and that God brings him home safely and soon.

scotthlori said...

Yes, technology is somethin' huh?  Who would have thought that soldiers would be able to keep in touch with their loves ones at home via the internet?  

I think you are an extremely strong woman.  I admire you!

Take care!


lv2trnscrb said...

Christy; I just loved this entry of yours; so realistic in your missing of Chad, so upbeat in trying to think of the positive and to be grateful for one thing every day; even something as simple as a clean kitchen floor - which with kids, that's amazing to do!

Do let us know how we can send things to Chad or the other men who don't get anything or write to them or anything. I really want to do something like that - but I'm clueless on how to go about it. Any help you can do with that, let us know :)

You are so awesome; it is such a privilege to pray for you.....


cmishvicki said...

An awesome post! I know how you feel about being in touch with Chad. Most of the time my son was over there he was able to communicate with us--via emails, IMs, Internet Phone, and regular phone lines. It's hard for me to know how mothers, fathers, wives and husbands were able to get by in the past before we had these wonderful computers. I'm not sure if you or Chad know about it...but he can register at for himself and the soldiers in his squad, location, whatever. Folks check there for soldiers who are registered. Justin was able to register for the 5 guys from is battalion who were at his FOB and they received some great packages. Anyway, you're all in my prayers. God Bless.

fairylaura said...

Yes time is flying by. Oh if we could make hours seem like seconds sometimes. Take care!


pixiedustnme said...

I am so glad he's been able to stay in contact fairly regularly.  At least you are hearing from him how he's doing.  I love you :-)

firestormkids04 said...

I'm glad you had a chance to chat with Chad!  It is wonderful how technology keeps us in touch.  It was so important to me when I was in Mexico.  The internet was my way to keep in touch with my family, friends and friends of the ministry.  I don't know what I would have done without it.  I praise God for the technology and for its availability to our servicemen overseas.  Blessings, Penny

deshelestraci said...

I'm so glad you get to spend some time online with each other.  I can't imagine what it was like in Viet Nam or ww II when all you could do was wait.  
Praying like crazy,

grahamfarmga said...

It is this countries best men and women that step forward to serve so when we loss one it is a great loss. Best wishes to hubby as he starts his journey there. May God bless him and use him, may he watch over those left here to wait for his return.

hopesingod said...

Girl, you've got energy.  I need it.  LOL   Tell Chad there are people in AOL Journal-land thinking about him and praying for him. :)


sangrialel said...

so glad he came online for you to chat with!!  Enjoy it.  My niece leaves next week, my sister just went and spent the last week with her in Colorado (where she is stationed)  the last visit for a year.  I know you know what that is like.  Lelly

ckays1967 said...


oh how it warms my heart to know that you and other loved ones are getting to "chat" real time withtheir loved ones.  I am so humbled by the sacrfices that your family makes for mine.

I think and pray about that each day, not all day like you do but each day I remember the war and people I know.

And now I think of Chad and Christy, this family I know though the computer and whose story is unfolding before me and I pray for you.


randlprysock said...

Hi dear sweet Christy,
I wish my kitchen and my house looked like yours right now.  I better get busy cleaning.  I have floors to mop, unpacking from vacation to finish, general cleaning to finish.  So glad you are able to chat to your honey via computer.  I'll be remembering you both in my prayers.