Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Whole New Perspective

So today was a trial by fire all on its own let me tell you. I've been fighting with the boys to get their room cleaned for the past two days. I'm by and far the STRICT parent. I accept that role, but it's NOT an easy one to take. It really would be nice to just let it go, but it's just not in my nature you could say. Today the boys were defiant, they were fibbing/lying, and just all together disobeying, well nothing gets me more mad than those things, especially all together. To say that I was ugly is putting it lightly. I did not handle things in the best way, not even close. I complained to a friend at the boys baseball end of the season party about the boys behavior, I complained to a friend on the phone, and I complained to Chad. What I didn't do was pray. I didn't revoke Satan. Satan WANTS my children to disobey and he wants me to react the way I did today to their poor behavior.

So here in a few I'm praying. I'm praying against Satan in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. He will not have tomorrow, he will not have Friday, he will NOT have this deployment. These days are the Lords and the Lords alone for our family and I will NOT ALLOW Satan to cause us more pain than we're already in.

Tonight I ask that you pray with me, pray against Satan in Jesus's name.


As I mentioned above, I chatted with Chad tonight. He's tired and hot. He fell asleep last night after he shower before he could get online. I totally understand and I'm just so grateful we got to talk last night on the phone and chat tonight online and we chatted online Monday evening too.

I do NOT take our communication lightly. I know how precious it is. Our first deployment we went 6 weeks without a word. It stunk. I know I fell into a deep funk. But I also wasn't turning to the Lord like I should have been during that time either. Not again. I know that previous wars the communication has been so much less, limited to phone calls and more common hand written letters, which depending on which war were few and far between too. So to know that we can IM in real time is nothing short of amazing. To know that when the internet speed is fast enough we can see each other with webcams. That he can call and we can have a clear connection. God is amazing in this technology he's allowed us to have. We are surely blessed.

Back to Chad! :) He's doing well, he's hot and tired and has been working hard. Please keep him in your prayers as well as hisfellow soldiers, leaders, and those below him.

God Bless


mereel2005 said...

As a former single parnet, I raised my son alone, so I truly understand where you are coming from. One day, G-d gave me a wonderful reminder; "I AM your son's Father." So whenever, I had a problem with my son, I would tell him I am going to "talk to Daddy about this!" My son knew meant: Mummie is going to pray! this way, my son learned that while I was still his mummie, there was indeed a "Daddy in the house."
I will continue to pray for you, your sons and your beloved.

lv2trnscrb said...

amen, Christy; we all need to remember to pray first and take it to the Lord first on any thing, but for me, it seems like the last thing I remember to do

will keep you in my prayers; the Lord is watching over you and yours


deshelestraci said...

I had room cleaning wars today too.  I've had to concede that they are still too little to be responsible for it by themselves.  I hate that but for mine it is true.  Not that I do it for them, but I do some and I stay with them.  It is a major time waster for me but not so much in some ways.

nelishianatl said...

I had room cleaning wars with my oldest daughter who behaved the same way too.  Finally I bought large leaf and lawn black bags and after setting a time limit, everything that wasn't put away and was still on the floor went into the bag, no matter if it was a text book a shoe whatever, too bad.  FOLLOW THROUGH is the key.  She had to earn each bag back.  Consequences for our actions and rewards for the positive.  I'm having my own hard time here at home with a four year old who's defiant.  Your entry is right on point.  I'm so proud of you that you listen to the Holy Spirit when He whispers in your ear, slow down, stop, think, pray.  You're going to be guided to be an awesome parent.  You sound like you already are.


hmschlmommy7 said...

Hello, Friend!  I have been reading and want to thank you for the constant updates.  Your entries help us know how to pray for your family and help us to understand what you are going through.  We will be praying!  Remember that God is with you - He will never leave you nor forsake you.  Love and prayers, Your sister in Christ.

sheldonannmarie said...

Hello.  I came across your journal by accident last week, and have come back just about everyday.   My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband and children.  I mentioned your journal in one of my entries about my recent deployment, so I thought I'd write and invite you to look at my journal if you wish.  

God Bless,

chevyz71gurl74 said...

On our most trying days the Lord is with our side...waiting for us to turn to him....I'm ashamed to say that alot of times I let my anger get the best of me after it's too late...and then finally go to the Lord asking for forgiveness and strength to get through the next day...

You have alot on your plate right now Christy...just remember the Lord is always with you and we are always here for you!

Keeping you all in my prayers...