Saturday, May 3, 2008

Count Down

Well Chad should be leaving in a matter of weeks. Right now the date they gave us is probably changing it looks like, just by a couple of weeks, but change is change. They are talking of pushing it back and although it's good because we have 2 more weeks with him, it's bad too just because it means that much longer until he goes and that much longer until he comes back.

I had my head wrapped around the date they first gave us and was prepared as much as you can prepare yourself for them leaving, so now it's just all up in the air and that's frustrating.

The kids and and I and my best friend here and her 2 kids are planning to go to Italy in June to the beach, it'll be a great distraction for all of us. Her husband will be coming home with in weeks of our return so it'll be a nice last big trip before he comes back.

As the days get closer I'll write more and hopefully Chad will write as well. We'll see. We don't know what the internet will be like for him when he gets there. I hope he'll have easy access again, but I'm not counting on it (so if he ends up not having easy access I'm not disappointed). 

My only request right now is to pray for us and our kids as we prepare for him to leave and as HE prepares to leave.


hmschlmommy7 said...

Christy and Chad,

    We are praying for you even now.  Please keep us updated so that we know HOW to pray for you.  Love and blessings!

~Rauna & family

happysunshien said...

sending up prayers right now....will send up some more in church in the morning! :)

love you

Kelly and family

mikalsgrl said...

you know I always keep your family in my prayers- if you ever need to chat even through email, I am here.