Thursday, May 15, 2008

We have a date

As this is a public blog I can't give out the exact date of when Chad's leaving, but it's literally in a matter of DAYS. We are of course sad, but this is part of our life and we need to accept it and go. This weekend we're going away on a short retreat. We plan on just having family time and enjoying Chad while we still have him here with us, time's fleeting and we intend to make the most of the time we have with him.

Next weekend the kids and I are going with the Hospitality House to Salzburg, Austria. We're really looking forward to the get away. I haven't been to Salzburg yet and have been dying to go so that will be great!! It gives us all something to look forward to immediately! We haven't finalized everything yet, but in June we're planning a trip with our best friend here to go up to an indoor Beach up by Berlin and sight see Berlin. Then the end of July the kids and I will be heading back to the states for 6 weeks! Pray for that flight, as it'll be me vs the 3 of them! LOL I think it'll be fine Jacob and Jack are both old enough to help me out and Emma did really well on the flight to Ireland so hopefully she'll do well for that flight as well. It will be so nice to get to see all our family and friends and have the conviences of the US once again. By the time we land back in Kansas it'll have been 3 yrs since we were on TRUE American Soil!

I'll be writing in here more and more once Chad's gone, feel free to leave messages for him here if you don't have his email address. Hopefully he'll be able to write updates on here too. I've added him as a writer so it'll just all depend on internet availibility and time!


God Bless

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mikalsgrl said...

Many prayers to your family-

I am here if you ever want to chat :) I hope that you have a wonderful weekend get away.