Friday, May 23, 2008

One down....

453 left

Well we made it through another day, far less tears so that's a good thing. Today was far more of a "normal" day, if there is any such thing as "normal". The boys were the boys, the baby was the baby except she did get sick on me after lunch and had laid on me most of the morning, but by afternoon she seemed to be feeling better.

Chad was able to get online this afternoon and so we got to chat for about 30 minutes. He's in Kuwait at this point and will be there for a few days. He said the internet is REALLY slow. He was able to pull up his webcam for a few minutes, so we got to see his face and that was great for all of us and we turned our webcam on so he could see all 4 of us and I hope that helped him get through the rest of his evening.

There are many perks to living in Germany, but during a deployment the best one is that the time difference is much less!! Being an hour to two hours is so much better than 8 or 9 hours!! I can't tell you the amount of IM's I missed of his during his first trip to Iraq because he'd be online at 4 AM Kansas time!

He's hoping to call tomorrow, so I'll have my cell phone with me when we go to the park or well anywhere outside of the apartment so hopefully we won't miss his call! I'm looking forward to hearing his voice. It's truly so daunting to think that I won't get to feel his arms around me for at least 8 more months. Last night as I went to bed I felt myself edging in closer to almost dispair of NEEDING to feel his arms around me just one more time. I can not imagine how hard it is for him, I have the kids to at least recieve and give hugs to/from. I know he can get a hug from the Chaplain and most likely has and will, but it's not the same I don't think and it's not even the same for me. There's something special about having your husband hold you in his arms. I love that feeling. I love feeling safe, that no one can hurt me, that between him and our Lord I'm safe and secure and harm will not come to me at that moment. I cling to the Lord's loving arms that have me wrapped up tight and I look forward to feeling Chad's arms.



crewsfour said...

Glad to read that you had a "normal" day today.  What a treat being able to see Chad online, my hubby gets to Kuwait in the morning and I have no expectations of talking to/seeing him for at least three weeks.  I totally understand what you mean about having those arms around, I needed a hug so badly the other day and the only person I wanted to hug couldn't.  Take care - Leene

kasee267 said...

Christy, Thanks for stopping by and letting me know Chad is deployed again. (apologies, I just can't keep up with Reading like I used to!!)
Love and hugs and prayers for all of you!

ksgal3133 said...

Sending you all many prayers. I know how difficult deployments are. If you need anything please let me know.
That is great about the time difference. I know there were many times I missed Ben when he was online because of it.  It's great though that we have the internet etc. now. When he was in Desert Storm there was none of that. Either had to wait for a call or through the mail system!


chevyz71gurl74 said...

So glad you both have webcams....seeing one another i'm sure is a relief to all of you and gives you some comfort. Hope you get a phone call soon =)

Keeping ya'll in my prayers always