Friday, December 30, 2005

Deployment Day +63...Stupid Kids

Ok, I saw this on the news today and this just infuriates me, this boy put soldiers into MORE danger because of his stupidity, curiosity, and disregard for American's in Iraq....these soldiers who are trying to do their job, have to do a side-job and get this kid out of danger. HOW this child got as VISA without his parents signature is beyond me, other than the obvious...that he FORGED their names. It's just ridiculous and has my blood just boiling. If I was the wife of the soldiers who had to get this stupid kid to the Embassy I'd be really ticked knowing they had to be put into even MORE danger for a child who obviously needs some more discipline in his life.

I know I can't say definitely how I'd react if one of my children did something so stupid, but I can say with almost certainty they'd get a lot more than a hug and a talking to...UGH!

Here's the link:

AOL News - Florida Teen's Iraq Adventure Draws to Close


mikalsgrl said...

I know Christy....I saw this as well. Is there a no travel warning to Iraq? and if so, this little brat (nice term) used....should be charged and fined or whatever else can be done. I mean, did he think he was taking a high school fiend trip??!!! I am right there with you Christy....he wasted the US militarys time and also could have caused harm to them. Let that have been my child.....and the only trip he'd be taking would be to school and within the four walls of his bedroom.

deshelestraci said...

Not cool.  What was he thinking?  

jckfrstross said...

I agree what a jerk. It sounds like he needs more discipline at home . if he was mine he would be in so much trouble for life. have a good day


randlprysock said...

Kids these days seem so spoiled and headstrong.  Good for you for posting this.

sangrialel said...

I read this article and was floored too!  Lelly

linnpooh said...

I saw this too, Christy.....what an IDIOT!!!!! I don't blame you one single bit for being angry, you have every right to be. That boy is very lucky to be an American and extremely lucky that he isn't my son!

Praying For You All.......

Pooh Hugs,

leanntepoorten said...

Maybe this would be a good thing though for all those out there who disagree with the war and bash our military???? One can only hope but in light of that hope is that it is a 'positive' lesson learned from a journey that could have killed him and our troops, a pat on the back for our government who returned him to safety, god forbid that any out there who hate our president and our military milk this story for the 'positive' impact it could have.

sorry to spew but I agree that this kid did a dumb thing. It's really great that he got home safe but the magnitude of what this kid did, well, enlist him in the military if he wants a real life lesson!!!! That last paragraph in the article doesn't sit well with me...he saw the horror in Iraq and came back to America and now has a bigger appreciation for what a wonderful country we have???? That is just somewhat disturbing to me. It's just a sad reality really. Too many don't see what we have here, too many take it for granted and too many don't get past the surface of their own selfish agendas.

Hubby and I discussed your post and he always sees the good in something and points it out...he's hoping that this kid will spread the word. I see his point but have very little faith in the media to try to report on something that would sway the people's views of this war and our president.