Sunday, December 4, 2005

Deployment Day +36

It's aftermidnight here in we're officially on day 36. It's amazing that Chad's been gone 36 days already, we're down one month! So as most of you probably have heard a lot has been happening in Iraq, ok so there's ALWAYS a lot happening in Iraq. Right now where Chad's located at, he's not with his battalion, his job requires him to be at another base not far from his he's with mostly Marine's and those 10 brave Marine's who were killed are from where Chad's working at. We finally got to talk yesterday. I wasn't having a good day at all with the boys (they were playing in the playroom, climbed to the TOP of the closet...this particular closet is nothing but our oldest climbed at least 6 shelves) they got into the fingerpaints and painted...oh how they painted. They painted the radiator, some of the windown, a little table, the dry-erase portion of the easle, part of a storage piece, a book, a little on the floor, and of course plenty was on them and their shirts. To say I was upset, is putting it lightly. I did get a picture (well I'd cleaned the window already...but got the rest). Poor Chad IM'd me at naptime,which had turned into our own little personal war and I was pretty well at the end of my rope. The IM session didn't go so well, and he called me an hour or two later, which was much better. Here he is off at war, and here I am the one crying her eyes out because these boys are driving me insane. I'm helping one of our neighbors out, she's getting ready to move to another post and already put in to take her baby out of the daycare center, so she needed someone to watch him until she I'm helping her. That precious boy was my saving Grace on Friday. Of course while I was talking/well sobbing to Chad...getting out the sadness, anger, and just utter frustration the baby started to get upset...but just picking him up calmed him down, and Chad's calm, soothing, loving voice calmed me.

He's such a great guy. He had been up until 4 am Friday morning, getting things done for his unit, it's just him and his 2 soldiers. although since they sent up a vehicle to pick things up there was a little more help...but since the vehicle didn't even leave the recieving end camp until 9pm late night was undeniable. A nice thing is that as long as he has his work done, he can do things he wants and needs to do for getting to the gym, calling or emailing us, making sure his 2 soldiers are taken care of, etc.

I often think how unworthy I am of this man. He's not a prideful man. He's loving, tender, gentle, with strength that goes deeper than the physical strength that often men and women too associate with being strong. He's strong physically, but emotionally, and spiritually too. He's not perfect by any means..but he's still a great guy.

Tonight...I'm thankful. Thankful for this man who was brave enough 9 yrs ago to tell me that he loved me and wanted to marry me. Brave enough to be a soldier, brave enough to not let his upbringing (not having a dad around until he was a teen) stop him from being an amazing father, brave enough to stand up for his convictions.

There's a lot of "brave" people out there. So often the word Brave is thrown around very easily and carelessly...but I've met some true brave people. Our daughter, she was the BRAVEST person Chad and I have EVER known...Chad, he awes me. Many of our friends in the military and their families, Childhood Cancer families, they don't have a choice...but so many of them chose NOT to just fall apart, but to fight along with their children, searching for answers and not allowing anything but the best care for their children. Military kids, some of the most amazing children! Not all of them, but a lot of them!

Tonight, I hope you think of someone who you know who's truly brave. Sometimes it's not something they've done, but something they've gone through yet chose to not just crumble under it all.

The bravest person imo...Jesus Christ. This maybe our deployment journal...but neither Chad or I would have a lick of bravery, strength, intergrity, without Jesus.


God Bless


jckfrstross said...

Oh i remember those days my kids (now 21 and 19) got into their dads model paints while i was napping i worked the night shift and painted the bathroom and them selves lol i can laugh now but they both got spanked and scrubbed and i had to call in and take the night off i was so upset. Praying for you and your family


cojlisa16 said...

Aw Christy.  Go hug those little Picasso's for me!  I'm so glad you got a picture in spite of the fact you were so upset.  It won't be long until you and Chad can look at the photos and laugh at your talented little artists.  

I am so grateful that you and Chad know the Lord and that you have your faith to sustain you and hold you up during this deployment.   (((((Christy)))))))

lv2trnscrb said...

Believe it or not, Christy, one day you will laugh about this little escapade of your little darlings and it will be a story you will share with their girlfriends for years to come (that's called getting our sweet revenge for the times they put us through, LOL).

Remember that Jesus was brave for YOU and CHAD and your family and He loves you very much and He is looking from heaven right now smiling at you and saying "That's my Christy; I love her so much".

Awesome entry, Christy; even in in your loneliness and frustration, you still give to the Lord and you also still honor your husband for the work he is doing. Well done, good and faithful servant.


sunalott said...

Chad is very fortunate to have such a wonderful wife and mother for his kids!  Don't you ever forget that!!!            Laura

mikalsgrl said...

(((((Christy and Picasso Men))))))

Love those special memories they are creating for you:) I am sorry it has been such a difficult day....but sometimes I think we can all use a reminding that even as bad as our days may could be worse. I am glad you were able to IM and then to speak with Chad.....and his reassurance and kind words will get you through the roughest days.....just as your voice will help him. You are each others rocks!! Hang in there Christy!! LOL do you want me to add another debateable topic for laughs? Just kidding!

((((Chad))))) you are continually in our prayers....and I am truly saddened for the loss of the Marines......I pray that the mission goes more smoothly and fast and that you all return home soon! God bless you all!

deshelestraci said...

Oh I can't imagine having to go through all that without the hope that Chad would be home soon.  I'm glad the baby gave you some comfort.  Good job turning it around and giving God the glory!

fairylaura said...

I cannot believe it's been 36 days all ready. It seems like he just left yesterday. Wow, that's awesome how time is flying by. It's a good thing for you and for me. January can't come any sooner.


pixiedustnme said...

and this would be another one of the many reasons why i love you - you are amazing!

grahamfarmga said...

Thinking about people who are brave I think of you. Not just brave but strong. Take care

louie0768 said...

First and foremost, thank God your husband is safe!

Secondly, I just want to say this. Christy, look in the mirror at your face and you will see a woman who is more brave than you will ever know. God tests us in different ways I believe anyway, and I believe that he gives us those things that we are strong enough to endure. You and your family have been through so much and you are still a family. That takes strength, patience, determination, bravery and love. Things in which you possess from each and every glitch that life throws your way.

You write so well from the heart. I love to visit here. I just wish there was a way in which I could help sometimes. The best I can do is send you a cyber hug and tell you to keep trudging along.