Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Deployment Day +47

I just finished talking to Chad. He's doing well. He was in a good mood! He's been Christmas shopping! Got to love the internet! LOL He also has recieved 4 boxes so far, 1 from me and 3 from others! I just ordered him something a little bit ago and maybe for those of you who want to send him a care package or another soldier a care package this would give you an idea.

I ordered him a tart burner and tarts. He picked out a few tarts he wanted and then I picked the rest. A friend of mine who has an online store is having a sale buy 12 for 5.00 (I'm going to pimp her site!) Creative Creations then I went to another site and got him an awesome tart burner, it has eagles on both sides of it! Of course I need to go buy him a bag of tea light candles and put those in his latest care package so hopefully they'll get there the same time or before his burner and tarts arrive! This way his room can smell nice. Obviously he will have to remember to blow out the candle when he leaves his room or goes to sleep, but that's anyone you know! A lot of their rooms stink, because of those boots (they don't breath well at all and the heavy socks they have to wear) let me just tell you those feet and boots do NOT smell good and I've got nearly 9 yrs of marriage and smelling them to attest to! LOL

He's still waiting on his Christmas package from us to show up, but hopefully by this weekend it'll be there, as long as it's there before Christmas. I know he was really wanting to decorate his room up for Christmas, so I hope it gets there and gives him a few days before Christmas to do that.

The boys and I are doing good. I have to admit I'm looking forward to Christmas, it will not be the same without Chad, but we're focusing on Jesus and the true reason for us to celebrate this day and how can we not find happiness when we focus on our Lord and Savior?

Well...this is a short entry. My boys are up and it's crafts time!


God Bless


PS To everyone who's been asking me what tarts are...go to the link that's on here and check them out for yourself! Here's a link to tart burners: Serenity Scents and More

I've bought a burner from her in the past, she has them for really great prices. I got Chad's burner from : Aurora's Kisses althoughthe one I bought is no longer on there because I got the only one that was available and she quickly pulled it down or has a program on her site that takes the pictures down as soon as it's sold! I'm going to have Chad take a picture of his burner when he gets it to show you all! I personally prefer tarts over candles!


deshelestraci said...

Crafts time?  Do you do crafts time every day?  
I didn't think about the smelly feet situation.  pee uuuu.  Glad he is doing well.

lv2trnscrb said...

Oh Christy, what a good mom you are to do crafts time with your boys! They will remember this - believe me - they will! Mine do.

Glad to hear Chad is doing well and that you know the meaning of the season and you are focusing on Jesus. You are a shining example of how to live for the Lord. You could take this situation of being away from Chad and be miserable about it, but you are excited about celebrating Christmas for Jesus and Jesus is pleased with you :)


scotthlori said...

Could you give me an idea of what to send to a soldier for a care package.  I have always wanted to do something like that.  Would be nice to do it for someone who doesn't really have much family.  Had to think they feel alone over there.  :o(


hunybea4him said...

lol I had to go to the site just to figure out what a tart and tart burner was lol never heard of it put that way.  They DO sound like wonderful gift ideas.  I hope he your packages right on time.

jckfrstross said...

Ok what are tarts? lol glad everyone is doing ok


fairylaura said...

Tarts? What is a tart burner.. and what's a tart? That's Awesome he's been shopping!!


louie0768 said...

AHA!!! So that's what that contraption is that my husband bought me a couple years ago is called!!!LOL

He bought me the burner and the wax but there was no name on any of it. So I just call it my 'thingy'. And I cannot find the tart thingy's anywhere except for the very store he bought it. a drug store. One in which is not very convenient either.

And I absolutely love it!!!! Right now I buy those big 4-wick candles, burn them down as far as they will go and then break off the extra wax from it and throw it in. Works pretty good.

Thanks Christy for enlightening me. Yes, I can be an airhead but still have the ability to learn new things.

I'm glad that you had a good day. Arts and Crafts for the Christmas season are so much fun. My kids sure do make a mess and two of them are teenagers. They probably make the biggest mess.

randlprysock said...

Awww, so sweet you sent a Christmas package to your husband!!!  Keeping you all in my prayers.  Glad to hear you are staying strong and cheerful!!  Great job sweetie!!  Hugs,

rjet33 said...

I am here by way of Betty's journal (lv2trnscrb).  I am sorry to hear your Hubby is away for the holidays fighting for our freedom.  Let me say how much I appreciate the sacrifice your family is making so my family and others here in America can continue to live in freedom.  May God put angels as a hedge of protection around your loved one and also of his comrades until he comes safely home to his loving family.

Merry Christmas!~

rjet33 said...

P.S.  I just read your sidebar about the loss of your daughter.  Although I have never lost a child, and pray I never do, I have lost a brother.  I left the link to his story.  You have my deepest sympathy.  I cannot imagine anything worse than losing a child, but your faith in God will see you through.