Friday, December 16, 2005

Deployment Day +48: Small update and picture of tart burner! :)

I got to chat with Chad today! It was nice to talk to him. He's recieved 3 packages so far, and hopefully this weekend they'll deliver more to him, he has 2 or 3 yet from me and at least 1 from my parents for Christmas! Our company support group also decided to do a Secret Santa this year! They had us drop off wrapped gifts for our children at the battalion and then tonight Santa (and a few helpers) came and personally delivered the gifts that the children were told were from "Daddy" or in a few cases "Mommy" in Iraq! The boys were shocked to see Santa standing there, of course a moment later Jack turned around running and crying (he's not a fan! LOL ) Jacob I think was just dumbfounded...Santa was standing his our entry way with a gift! Jacob got these transformers go from different cars/trucks of course into the transfomer robot guys! (Funny how everything from my childhood has come back big for my own children!). Jack got this little Lion King set...little plush Simba and Nala and comes with a tree swing set, really cute. Jacob of course ripped right into his gift, showed off for the camera and happily smiled with Santa. Jack took the gift from Santa with a little hesitation (in my arms of course) and then started ripping into it, he got enough ripped to realize there was a toy in it and that was it, he was all excited! I wish I could have video taped it...but there is Christmas in 10 day!!! They took quite a few pictures and they'll be sending them down range to the soldier! :) Chad and I had gotten interrupted chatting earlier, so he called about 15 minutes after Santa and the crew had left so the boys thanked him and he got to hear the "EXCITEMENT" in their voices!! I know it made him miss them more, but he said he was still so happy that they got to have what they feel like is a touch of Daddy!

I did get 1 picture, although I'm not sure how well it turned out, so if it's decent I'll post it tomorrow. The picture I do have to post though, is of the Tart burner I ordered for Chad (which has actually been taken off the website I ordered it from, but the owner of the site very kindly sent me a picture!) and a picture of what tarts look like! :)



As you can see from the picture above a tealight candle goes in the bottom, which in turn melts the tarts that you place in the top portion of the burner and they smell wonderfully delicious!


Well it's time for bed!



scotthlori said...

Aww. I bet it DID make Chad miss them more...but still...the alternative is not sharing any moments with them.  Even though it hurts the "adult" heart, it is better on the kids to get to speake to Daddy or Mommy every now and then.



bpcorn48 said...

My heart goes out to your little ones and you, cause Christmas is a time for family but just remember CHAD is doing a GOOD THING, and we all thank him and the others........  I just love your TART burner never saw one like that....CHIN up and have a good day........ * diane *

lv2trnscrb said...

This brings back memories from Jim (my hubby) telling about when his dad was gone from them for a Christmas or two due to him being in the Navy. They would do the same thing with gifts and tape the kids as well as tape the guys serving. Jim's dad still tells the story of how Jim said to the camera "Merry Christmas Dad; don't forget to bring me something when you come home" because his dad always did bring them a little gift when he got back from being gone. I guess all the guys watching cracked up and laughed over it and he got teased a lot about it.

Glad you got to talk to Chad, Christy. The tart burner is a great idea :)


deshelestraci said...

That is so cute.  Both my girls have always been fans of Santa.  Love the big guy.  Last year Bella was in the hospital with ITP 3 days before Christmas.  Santa and Mrs. Claus came around to take pictures with the kids.  I gave her to Mrs. Claus since she was only 13 mos.  Just as Mrs. was handing her back to me she launched herself at Santa.  She snuggled up to him like she had been waiting for him forever.  There wasn't a dry eye in the room.  So sweet.
I bet it tore Chad up not to be there.  But he is doing what he needs to also.
Love the tart burner.  Very handsome.

grahamfarmga said...

How great to be able to give them a suprise gift from dad.

bekahbutterflies said...

that is a beautiful tart burner.   and i'm so glad the boys enjoyed their gifts from "Daddy".  We love you all.

randlprysock said...

Hi Christy-
What a great entry this is filled with exciting happy news!!  I am kinda dumb so please explain to me when you can what a tart is?  Looks so lovely!  How wonderful about the gifts for the boys from Daddy in Iraq!!  Woo Hoo I bet they were so happy!  And the best part is you got to chat with Chat and he's getting packages!  I am so blessed to hear that!  Hugs,

mikalsgrl said...

Christy ~

I just wanted to say how awesome of a wife you are and of course an awesome mom!! I am sure Chad can breathe a little better knowing you are strong (as best as you can be) and are doing a wonderful job so far with this deployment!! The little guys are in wonderful hands!!!

By the way, loved the tart burner!! I have one in every room and burn them each day!!

sunalott said...

I'm Caroling through J-Land!
My Favorite Carol is "O Christmas Tree"

sangrialel said...

Christy,  This entry made me cry thinking about those kids getting presents from Daddy or Mommy!!  I love the tart burner!  Lelly

barbpinion said...

You're such a terrific wife and mother. It's not easy being separated from your husband; not easy knowing where he is either. God bless you for being such an inspiration to so many. I'm so happy that Chad got his gifts. Makes me cry, thinking of Chad, and so many other men being so far from home right now, and some women too. Please know you're always in my prayers.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

frankandmary said...

This must be so very hard for you, & yet you come off with such warmth.

louie0768 said...

I'm really all warm and fuzzy inside after reading your post. Sad too. The whole Santa visit is a wonderful thing for the kids whose parent/parents are away. It really must make the kids feel special to have a day like this. Santa in the eyes of a believer, of a child, wow that has to be a site to see that look on their faces.
And top it off with him delivering gifts from their parents in Iraq. They must be overwhelmed with glee and belief that there is a Santa. Although I know that many don't believe that Santa should really be made into an idol on Christmas, in this situation, it gives the kids a little peice of their far away parent.

I LOVE that Tart Burner btw!!!!