Wednesday, March 4, 2009

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I see I have new readers here and should tell you that I don't write often over here, but write more often at my other blog "My Gifts...Among Other Things".

Quick update....Chad's doing well. He's back in Iraq and back to work. His first day back he went back to work. He oddly enough is having some sleeping issues, which if you knew him would understand how odd for CHAD this is. He's a man who has always (since he was a kid) been able to fall asleep anywhere, any time. Last night I advised him to get up in his bed (he and his roommate built loft beds so they'd have more space in their room. I know he has a great deal going through his head and gets into bed is although moments before in his chair he was drifting, he finds himself wide awake. Any ways my advice was to open his bible and start reading and let the Lord help him get some rest. I also suggested praying himself to sleep. If you'll be in prayer for Chad for his sleep issue's to resolve.

The kids and I are doing well. We've adjusted back to life with Chad deployed. As I was standing in the shower tonight it hit me how truly simple it was for us to adjust back to him being gone after R&R. There's just something that seems to click into gear and we go back there once he's gone. I will be very honest and tell you that the last couple of days of Chad's leave, were very tearful on my part. Satan kept whispering in my ear that I surely could not make it another 6 months, and I couldn't manage without him. Yet the truth is, God has given me/us the strength to make it through 9 months of this deployment so far, he'll give me and has given me the strength to make it through the last 6 months!

It doesn't mean we don't miss Chad. Oh we do so much. The fact is though, he's still has 6 months left of this deployment, and life can not just stop at a standstill until he can get back home. We have to keep living, keep going forward, inching one step closer to his return. We have to keep making memories here at home, keep laughing, hugging, playing, all of it.

There are hard days, but we get through them. By God's grace, but we do get through them!

God Bless

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