Friday, October 31, 2008

And We're A Go....

Well here we are, or I should say here I am. Chad's laptop is not working right now, the backlight is out, so hopefully he'll get it up and running again soon and we can chat more and I'll ask him to write something for here, we'll see...don't hold your breath! LOL

We now have 5 months down and are into our 6th month of this 15 month deployment. It's going by quickly for Chad. I've whined, threw pity parties, and ultimately been selfish so far through this deployment, but I'm done with that and although there will be days where I miss him terribly, I'm stressed to the max, etc....I will look at the bright side of things more and focus on that and how God has blessed our family.

For those who are new here let me introduce us. I'm Christy, proud wife of Chad who's in the US Army. We have been blessed with 4 children. Jordyn would be 10 yrs old. She died when she was 2 yrs old from AML leukemia. We miss her terribly, but rejoice that she's with our Lord, Jesus. Next is Jacob, he's 7. Jackson is 5, and Emma is 1 yr old. I'm homeschooling our children, as we have been led by the Lord to take on this incredible task. I'm also obviously a stay at home mom (SAHM). I feel VERY strongly that I'm to be at home raising our children and caring for Chad. We're conservative in our political and religious beliefs. We're bible fearing Christians, who believe the bible as a living and true translation.

This isn't really a political blog, but will say that We Support Senator McCain and I will only speak for myself, but absolutely am TERRIFIED at even the prospect of Obama becoming President. I think he'll destroy our country, will hurt our military and all they have done in the last 5 yrs, and will ultimately destroy life as we as American's know it and NOT in a good way.

With that said, I don't want any pro-Obama comments, they will absolutely NOT be added, as all comments will be monitored. Yes this is a censorship and I am the DICTATOR! LOL I will NOT debate with you. I support my husband and his JOB 100%. I beleive we have a mission to do in Iraq and that we should NOT pull out until it's completed. It does NOT mean that I enjoy my husband being deployed. I hate that he's away from us and would much rather have him home, but I understand why he has to leave and believe in him and our Army and Country.

If you can't stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them.

Well there you go! Honesty.

This blog is only kept updated WHEN Chad is deployed, once he's home from this deployment next summer/ will become quiet again. I hope you will comment, leave messages of support to Chad, most of all please pray for Chad's safety and our family is simply not complete when he's not home.

God Bless


Janis said...

Yay, I'm first!

Thanks for your open and honesty about the deployment. It makes me appreciate the freedoms I have so much more!

Praying for a happy day on the 4th! Scares me to death as well but as I keep telling my DH -- if BO wins we will be one step closer to the end times! :) Gotta stay positive that God is in control ultimately!

Praying for you as well.


Terri said...

I got the alert in time on AOL before they closed our journals down..what a sad day..

Keeping you all in my prayers...

Hope Chad is able to write soon


tanya said...

hi! you are a strong woman.maybe your husband will be sent home..and wont have to go back to the war...he is my hero though..i could never do that or let my husband do that!.God bless you and your family!