Saturday, July 12, 2008

7 weeks down!

404 days to go!


Well we hit the 7 week mark since Chad left. It's went by fairly quickly. He's been able to call us and get online and IM us, normally a couple times a week. He gets online more, because he had internet in his room. He's doing good, hot...HOT. It was 120 today. Can any of us who've never experienced that sort of heat even grasp that? I can't. Today it was in the high 80's and I was whining.

A friend and I are going to the gym 3 days a week now (16 lbs off so far!!! Wahoo) and I don't know if the a/c was on or not, I do know it was hotter IN the gym than it was outside, and that's unusual. But we were both unhappy with how warm it was. We were sweating almost before we got on the eliptical, but while I was doing it I was making myself go harder and I was thinking of Chad, wondering what he was doing at that moment. Wondering how he deals with that heat.

The kids and I are heading back to the states in a little over a week and we'll be there for 6 weeks! We're excited. It's been 3 yrs since we've been there. Our middle son was not even 2 when we moved here and of course our baby girl hasn't been there. Our oldest son has some memories of living in the states, but not a lot. He was only 4 when we moved here, so most of his memories are of here as well. We're all excited though! I am the first to admit I'm so looking forward to Central Air!! LOL The luxuries that the US has that Germany doesn't. (Stores opened past 7 pm for one, must less all the 24 hr places). We'll spend 2 weeks with my parents, then start traveling to see friends and inlaws, we'll spend our final week with my parents/family and then fly back to Germany. If you want/would pray for us that's so appreciated. God has been so good to us to allow this trip to come about and make it so far fairly painless. He's truly given us grace.

Please continue to pray for Chad. He is absolutely at various times being put in harms way. Pray for his comfort,  him being homesick. Pray he's able to attend bible study, that he's being the man God has created him to be, that he's seeking the Lord's will with every movement and decision he makes.


God Bless




chat2missie said...

Chad is always in my prayers!

lv2trnscrb said...

you guys are both in my prayers; thanks for the update, Christy!

I can't imagine that heat either; I suppose if you grew up with it,you'd know how to handle it, but someone going over there and trying to get used to it, that would be hard to do


mereel2005 said...

You, Chad and the children are in my prayers nightly.

sangrialel said...

Wow I can't believe how hot it is there!  I will continue to keep Chad and the rest of your family in my prayers.  Linda

chevyz71gurl74 said...

You all are always in my prayers...

Wow I can't even imagine that heat...

Have a wonderful trip back to the states...
so glad you are able to make the trip...I know
your family will be thrilled!


chevyz71gurl74 said...

Forgot to add

Way to go on the 16lb weightloss!!!!

It took me months to get 18lbs off...but
I sorta started slacking a little on my exercising...but
I am back eating subway for lunch at work and fixing
to get back on my treadmill as much as i can...

I just have to...i wanna look and feel better!