Friday, October 6, 2006

Got to LOVE the internet!

He was able to get online and we were able to chat! It was wonderful knowing he was on the otherside of the computer! He's good, but tired and really, really stressed out. His job truly is make or break and determines them coming home on time or not. He said he knows he can (and I told him I believed in him probably 10 times!) it's just a lot of work and not a lot of time to get it all done. He's never done all of it himself before. He does have 5 other soldiers, but he has the majority of the work. I know him well enough though to know he does like it, that he's making things happen.


He's hoping to get online later or get to the phones, but time is very limited. He's in a very safe place though and for that I'm truly thankful for!



memes121 said...

Great news! Tammy

mikalsgrl said...


Hang in there Chad! We know you doing a great job!!!

jckfrstross said...

hang in there chad:)


am4039 said...

happy you were able to talk with him.