Friday, September 1, 2006

Just to Clarify

If any of you do not believe that I'm an Army wife, that our unit is about to come home from Iraq, or just simply think I'm a thief out to steal your money, please feel free to email me and I will HAPPILY give any and everyone the Battalion's Phone Number for your to verify who I am, what I and the other ladies in our BN are trying to do for our Single Soldiers. Just remember we are stationed in Germany, so it will be an oversea's phone call, which I'm sure makes people nervous as well. I also have a website for our unit if that helps.


I don't know how else to prove I am who I am and that our unit is really deployed and that our soldiers really are coming home  soon!


I also want to intergrate that I am NOT asking anyone to send money or items. I just thought this would be a great opportunity to help single soldiers. A lot of people claim to support our troops, but they never do anything, this was just an opportunity for those who are COMFORTABLE sending what ever THEY LIKE (sheets, pillows, hygiene items, and snacks), this is not a pressure's just an outreach.


ukgal36 said...

I am sad to think you even have to clarify Christy!! i think what you are doing is wonderful and of course I'm taking part...I guess it's hard for some people to grasp... it saddens me... we are so fast to donate to thirld world countries but our own soldiers who have been risking their lives...not so much...let's show them our thanks people!!

mikalsgrl said...

Oh Christy-

You know you have nothing to clarify to me:) My package is going out to you this afternoon:) It was an honor to help the single soldiers :)

mrssgtwags said...

Christy, I ran across your journal while browsing my friend's favorite blogs and I saw that you too are an Army wfie in Germany with a deployed husband!!!  Mine is also... we are stationed in Baumholder.  I would love to talk sometime!!!  

fairylaura said...

I don't think that anyone should have a clarification from you. If people want to donate, then that's cool. You are not a thief or an ugly person for someone to think that of you. Sorry you were misjudged.


heavenboundct1 said...

Love your journal!!!!!!!! I have a step son who is serving in Iraq. I am praying for all of our soldiers safe returns. The hardest part is not knowing..... because of the nature of his job we don't know exactly at any time where he is at. And when you watch the news and hear of another soldier dying or being injured we just sit and wait...not knowing. I have added your journal to my alerts.
God Bless you and your husband.

leanntepoorten said...

Geez Christy! I didn't even think twice about your email you sent me. Sorry I haven't responded.

I was sad because our financial situation isn't the greatest and for as much as I would love to help out, I can't afford to.

I'm truly sorry that there are such people out there who would make you feel this way knowing how hard this whole situation and war has been on you and your family.  Simply read this journal and it is obvious....

I guess I can understand to a point but honestly...