Thursday, February 23, 2006

Deployed Day +119: Post from Chad

Hello, I first want to thank each and everyone of you for the support we receive here. It means a lot to some soldiers here to know that some people actually care about why we are here. Some people think we should just leave, well from my point at first I said the same thing. My response was, its not our fight. Well I was wrong. If we, the American Soldiers don't step in then there would be no justice at all here. Since the US took part in this battle the Iraqi people have come a long way. If  you don't know by now this is my second tour here. Since the last time I was here things have changed dramatically. I hate the fact of being away from my family, but this is my job. My family supports my decisions. I don't realize how hard it is for them while I'm gone but I do know that each and every day that I'm not with them is hard for me. Now with all the civilians coming in to take over operations here it means that more of our troops are put in harms way. We have to beef up the security patrols as well as escort the civilians to and from different base camps. So instead of the military doing their jobs we have to turn around and let the civilians intervene which in turn puts more of us at risk everyday.  I wish that the people around here would see that the military forces are here to help them not here to rule them. It is up to the people on when the forces will pack up and move out. As further due I'll put another entry here in a few days.  Thanks for all your support.

I want to take this Moment to thank my Wife and Kids for always being there for me and backing my decisions. They are my hero's. They keep me going day in and day out.

I Love you guys so much and I wish I could be there with you everyday. Love always.


mikalsgrl said...


You are continually in our thoughts and prayers!! as are Christy and the boys. We support you all 100% and then some. Stay safe and know not a day goes by that we don't think how lucky we are to have such brave men and women serve our country. Please stay safe!!

With Pride,
Todd and Cindy

grahamfarmga said...

Thank you for shareing and helping all to understand the importances of our soldiers being there. I thank each and everyone of you for your bravery and willing to sever.
Stay safe! Our prayers to everyones home again

lv2trnscrb said...

Thank you Chad for serving our country. It is a privilege and a honor to pray for you and Christy and your boys


memes121 said...

I truly believe that it is the right thing for the U.S. to be there. I am proud of each and every one of you! God bless.

linnpooh said...

Dear Chad,
I support you and the rest of our troops 100% and feel you are absolutely doing the right thing being in Iraq. When you see polls and hear that Americans don't support the war efforts, don't assume that they are correct. They don't represent or speak for all Americans and have never asked me, or a member of my family, or any of my friends either.....all of which support you AND President Bush.
It has been a gift getting to know Christy and I pray for her & your children each night. She is a very strong woman and loves you so much....her journal has really had an impact on my life.

I pray for you, also, Chad, I pray for your safety, for your state of mind and for your health....I ask God to bless you and your fellow soldiers each and every day.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for serving our country and for helping the poor and oppressed citizens of Iraq find a new life.

God Bless.....
Many Pooh Hugs,
Linda Imus

jckfrstross said...

Chad, Thank you for serving and protecting:) Praying for you and your troops:)


randlprysock said...

Chad, thank you so much for sending us word on how you are doing and keeping us updated on what is going on.  We are eager to get news of how things are going and we continue to pray for your safety each day.  May God be with you and bring you home speedily and post angels all around you and the men you are with and all of our brave and courageous soldiers.  We are also trying to keep Christy encouraged.  She is a wonderful woman and a true lady.  Hugs,


leanntepoorten said...

Chad and all your troops,

From what I have read of Christy's journal, you seem like a nice man. Obviously so really. You and your men are willing to sacrifice for my family as well as millions of others and do so because that is what you chose to do. Thank you for making that choice from this family of 6 in MN! Brave, courageous, and such an unselfish decision.

I pray for you and your family every day and hope for your safe return and that of all the other soldiers out there.  

You have an amazingly strong and wonderful wife. She's my biggest fan at my blog and I do so love her spirit. I was honored to receive some photos the other day of your boys and I told her that they sure look mischeivious but adorable.

Stay safe and know that you have many who are backing you 100%. Thank you again....

Louie (LeAnn)